Introducing Smart Girls Lift

Think about where you feel happiest. Perhaps it is in the arms of family and friends, or in a big chair with your favorite book, or in bed, snuggled under the covers. For the majority of my life, the place where I felt the most happy has been a soccer field. I’ve spent over 20 […]

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Healthy Sleep Habits

We know we’re supposed to get enough sleep and we really try. But we also know it’s often easier said than done.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you win the war on insomnia.


Consistency is KEY!

Staying on your body’s natural wake and sleep schedule (circadian rhythm) is important for achieving good sleep.

Try going […]

Relax, restore, and #sweatpink in #prAnastyle! #poseoftheday

Wow! It’s so hard to believe that just over a month ago we started this #poseoftheday challenge! And now here we are on the last day all of the sudden…

Seeing everyone band together in the last month to support each other with their yoga journey, not to mention everyone’s creativity with their poses and shots, has […]

Sweat Pink Special Blogging eCourse Discount

Most of us Sweat Pink’ers love blogging! #Obvi! The links, the widgets, the “click to tweets,” oh my! Have you been wondering about making the crossover from blogging as a hobby to creating a brand that will gain you a little extra moolah? Abby from Back at Square Zero to the rescue!

Abby is a social media, blog, […]

Ground down to lift up! #poseoftheday #prAnastyle

Today is all about the power of opposition with our #poseoftheday options! Has a teacher ever said to you, “Ground down to lift up?” A little confusing, eh? The idea behind this is that you maintain your strong connection to the mat beneath you and use that to help expand upwards, whether you’re on your […]