Feel Amazing Monday!

Yay it's Monday! Ok, we get it, it's Monday. So what will you do this morning to feel amazing?! Obvi we love to #jumpjoymonday! Throw your hands in the air and show us what makes you feel amazing and jump for joy today!! Mondays can be so rough! How are you lending someone a helping hand [...]

Wake Up with Inspiration in Your Face!

For me, running used to be a special time: I explored my old city (DC) through Rock Creek Park on foot running 3-5 miles every day after work and 8-10 miles on the weekends. Then I got sick, super sick, so sick I had to give up running for 6 months. I tried to jump back [...]

#EggcitedforSummer with Eggland’s Best

We're so #EggcitedforSummer, which is just around the corner, and know you are too! To help us celebrate the coming season filled with sunshine, bbqs, and pool-play time is none other than Eggland's Best! We tweeted all the tweets last week, and now we're on to Instagram! Each night, we'll be posting the prompt for [...]

Fit Fun at T9FitFest

A sports bra can make or break a sweat sesh! Nothing's worse than not having enough support while trying to get your workout on! The average bra size of American women is 36C, but most bras are made for A and B-cup women. Who knew... Enter Title Nine! Title Nine bra experts have tried thousands of [...]

AMAZING Dairy Free & Vegan Smoothie Recipe

My mom's morning routine includes waking up, making coffee, and watching the news before getting ready for work. Everyone has their favorite way to wake up and start the day, mine goes a little like this: brush my teeth, do a few yoga flows, make a smoothie. When we (Fit Approach) received the opportunity to [...]