Your body is a machine… You wouldn’t drive a car without gas, would you?

Your body is a machine… You have the power to build the most efficient machine or you can let it break down. Fueling our bodies is critical for daily function, but it is also the key piece to increasing your fitness and performance. Think about it… You wouldn’t drive a car without gas, would you? Your […]

5 Reasons You Should Be Yoga-ing on Instagram

I LOVE yoga pictures. I think it’s easy to say that’s one of my favorite things. Why, you ask? Here are 5 reasons why I love yoga-gramming and think you should too!

1. Inspiration

The Instagram yoga community is amazing! If you’re ever feeling stagnant in your practice, check out Instagram! There are constant new variations of […]

Training Fuel

Q1). How do you fuel yourself before, during, and post-workouts, races, hikes, etc? Are you a protein/nutrition-bar enthusiast? Do you prepare healthy meals in your kitchen to supplement your fitness routine?
A1) Before all workouts I will eat a small meal, either a protein bar, oatmeal, eggs. During all workouts I drink BCAA and post-workout it […]