Workout Burnout

In my mind I was a fitness model; I was surely going to be featured in a Nike Women’s Ad campaign looking all fit and kick-ass. I had my workout regimen and diet working together.

I had been doing well for a long time. I could sprint up steps, lift heavy weights with the big boys […]

Baby’s first blogger event

Last night I attended my first blogger event! Title Nine here in Portland hosted a FitFest to help fit local bloggers for sports bras (coming your way in June, San Fran!). For the record,  I have never considered myself a blogger. I was there in support (we were helping promote the event), not because I’m a […]

Recovering Lucky Charms Addict

I’m a recovering Lucky Charms addict.  My diet rivaled a teenage boy’s as I ate all things starch, sugar, and fat.  Why were my pant seams rebelling?!  I hated exercise because sweat was gross and icky; and let’s be honest, I was lazy.  I thought I could keep getting away with inhaling oreos without consequence.

I think […]