Houston, TX
1st degree blackbelt, runner and mom.
Healthy Living Motto:

Limits are meant to be pushed and dragons are meant to be slayed!


Amanda is a 34-year-old wife, mother and stepmother. For a long time she was a stay at home mom, devoted to volunteering at her children’s school and slowly losing sight of herself. She and her oldest daughter began taekwondo training and quickly moved up the ranks to earn their First Degree Black Belt together. She holds the Texas State Sparring Championship Title for 2007, and placed 3rd in the world in Sparring in her division. As it often does, life happened. There was divorce and sadness, then a new relationship, a new baby, a wedding and more happiness than she’s ever known. In February, 2008 after a particularly moving episode of the Biggest Loser, Amanda and her husband joined a gym and were serious about getting fit. Sadly as a pack a day smoker, Amanda’s fitness progress was stalling. She couldn’t run, wasn’t increasing her weight lifting capacity and became extremely frustrated. She went back to her inspiration, Staci, to read her story and found the website, NerdFitness where like minded people were succeeding in leveling up their lives by setting goals for themselves and being publicly accountable for their choices. She read an article by Steve Kamb that asked the question: What kind of “Dragon Slayer” will you be? She realized that she must slay “The Smoke Dragon!” She leaned on the Nerd Fitness community and through her own determination and the support and encouragement of her friends, she quit smoking on May 6, 2012 at 10:15pm central time. She will never forget this because there is a timer that has been counting upward since that day. Amanda NEVER wants to reset that counter to zero. It’s not worth it to her. She’s learned some amazing things about herself, and she’s learning more every day. In fact, by being able to breath better she discovered that she LOVES RUNNING!!! She loves it so much that she is running the Austin Warrior Dash in November, a half marathon in February with her Houston running buddy, and the Dallas full marathon in April with her best buddy from Denver. At the moment, Amanda is on the mend from some stress fractures in her foot, but she’s chomping at the bit to get her marathon training back on schedule! Amanda understands the importance of having people that support you in your journey wherever that takes you. She wants to show people that no matter what you’re dealing with, no matter how busy your schedule, making time to be fit will benefit every area of your life! She wants people to know that if she can do it- they can too!

Amanda Medau