Finding Myself

I’ve never been overweight. In fact I was always the girl whose friends said “you’re so lucky,” “I wish I could eat like you and be that thin.” As much as I loved hearing these things….It definately wasn’t doing me any favours. Because I believed it to be true, I was the lucky one who […]

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Nice Beach Run

Check out Santa Monica Beach for a pleasant run of any distance. The path is relatively flat and the Pacific Ocean offers a friendly cool breeze to keep you moving.

If you’re training for a marathon, this is a great place to log some miles.  Also a great place to get a brick workout (swim – […]

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Beach Body Butt

As we approach beach body season, many of us females are focusing on the booty area. Yes we want a flat stomach but we DON’T want a flat butt. So what can we do to make that “perky, C shaped, lifted butt”? Try these exercises and their proper forms!

Squat – definitely a favorite!! Start with […]

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