Working Hard to be the Best Me

Hi everyone! I am really new to this and the site so I’m still figuring out my way around, but I wanted to share a little but about myself!

My name is Lindsey and I am 24-years-old. In the last year I decided to start running and I have accomplished many races including a half marathon! […]

Protein Powder in Post-Work Smoothies

Recently, I went to a cafe with a friend who decided to buy a mango smoothie with a bit of added protein powder.  But she realized soon afterwards that she didn’t really like the texture or taste of the powder in her smoothie, but usually did add some to her post-run smoothies on a regular basis.  As […]

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Handy Tips from a Handstand Addict

Handstand is often put up on a pedestal. It is seen by many as the penultimate yoga pose, a goal to be attained with your yoga practice. Others view it as a fancy party trick that is overrated. I agree that it can be a pretty fancy pose, one upon which too much emphasis can […]