Improving my training by getting social

After finishing the Chicago Marathon last year I’ve been lacking a spark in my running.   I typically run by myself since it is much easier to schedule, but I love having a group to run with!  I’m a confident runner, but I’ve been slacking in my training lately and have been looking for something to […]

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Who I am Today!

I am beyond excited to join this awesome community of inspiring women!

My name is Christine. 15 months ago I was a stay-at-home mom of 4, overweight and unhappy. Today I am a mom of 4,  certified ACE Personal Trainer, Certified Spinning Instructor,  TRX Lvl 1 qualified, and Head Field Hockey coach for Middle school girls in […]

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#BlogFest Lightning Round Voting starts today!

We are so excited to announce the 16 finalists for the 2015 BlogFest Lightning Round!

Out of over 50 submissions this year, we picked the top 16—no easy job, that!—and now it is up to you, the Fit Approach community, to help decide who will take the stage at BlogFest this year.

Go on, show these #sweatpink […]

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