The Formula for an Awesome Smoothie

Ahh smoothies! We see them everywhere! On fitness magazines, blog spreads, even on Pinterest!

However, have you wondered what is the most effective and efficient way to get some extra added protein
and other things in there?

Fruit and greens are something we pink girls should be consuming on a daily basis! I sneak my veggies
and fruits when I’m in a […]

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How To PR In A Race

I celebrated Valentine’s Day this year doing exactly what I love—running. And I couldn’t be more infatuated.

I participated in Cupid’s 5k race in New Jersey, finishing at 30:30.7 with 9:50 min/mi. I placed fifth in my age group and 14th overall out of the women. Making it my third 5k, it was a PR for […]

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Finding Time for Fitness

Today’s guest post comes from Jennifer Livingston, fitness enthusiast and writer.
If you’re anything like 80 percent of American adults, you aren’t getting nearly as much exercise as you should be. Why is that? After all, we all understand that getting the right amount of exercise is integral to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Exercise improves energy […]

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