Handy Tips from a Handstand Addict

Handstand is often put up on a pedestal. It is seen by many as the penultimate yoga pose, a goal to be attained with your yoga practice. Others view it as a fancy party trick that is overrated. I agree that it can be a pretty fancy pose, one upon which too much emphasis can […]

Summer Fitness Tips

The countdown’s on to the carefree days of summer. When it comes to keeping the fit during the summer, there are many tips that can help us. It is easier to stay fit during the summer. The weather is nicer and we are more active. But we have to work on our body to stay fit […]

My life-long love affair with an active life…

I was born into a very active, outdoorsy family. The weekends were spent escaping the city to hike, canoe whitewater rivers, camp, and have mud fights in creeks.

I also grew up playing group sports: basketball and field hockey mostly, with a season or two of soccer and volleyball. This was not only a wonderful way […]