Once Again Catching the Exercise Bug

My aha moment came on my 22nd  birthday, sitting in a doctor’s office crying because once again I had been told that exercise was the answer to all my problems. My problem was a pain disease called fibromyalgia. I was left sitting there thinking I got up at 6 am, after no sleep and drove […]

#SweatPink Custom Sports Sleeves Winners!

We are so excited to announce the winners of the Custom Sports Sleeves Giveaway!

Custom Sports Sleeves Giveaway

Why You Need to Eat Carbs!

Growing up in the 90’s I always remembered hearing about the Atkins diet and its carb-free philosophy. This idea that carbs are bad for us and that we should limit them from our diets has somehow managed to stick in our minds over the years. Well it’s time for the truth. WE NEED CARBS! We need […]