BODYPUMP Overview and Tips For First-timers

One of the most popular topics I’ve written about on my healthy-living blog A Lady Goes West, is teaching Les Mills group fitness programs. I teach several Les Mills classes a week at gyms around San Francisco and one of those classes is BODYPUMP.

You’ve probably heard your friends or family talk about taking a class called […]

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The Day I Fell in Love with Soul Cycle

Let me begin with an admission: I have never gone to a spinning class. I’ll take it one step further and say that I don’t get on any bikes at all, stationary or not. You’ll usually find me by a squat rack or bench press in the weight room, powerlifting my way through a workout. […]

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SoulCycle – Rock Your Body

Yesterday evening I tried out SoulCycle for the first time! Whew, what an amazing workout! My whole entire body was burning and I came out of the class dripping in #sweatpink success. And yes, I rolled out of bed for my early morning run feeling muscles I didn’t even know I had! Most people find […]

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