Handy Tips from a Handstand Addict

Handstand is often put up on a pedestal. It is seen by many as the penultimate yoga pose, a goal to be attained with your yoga practice. Others view it as a fancy party trick that is overrated. I agree that it can be a pretty fancy pose, one upon which too much emphasis can […]

At Home Workout #4

5 minutes of your choice
CIRCUIT 1: Repeat 3x
Squats – x20
Squat Jumps – x15
Burpees – x10
CIRCUIT 2: Repeat 3x
Mountain Climbers – x20 total
Pushups – x15
Tricep Dips – x15
CIRCUIT 3: Repeat 3x
Alternating Forward Lunges – x20 total
Plié Squat – x15
Calf Raises – x10
CORE WORK: Do each move for 1 minute
Russian Twists
Left Side Plank
Right Side Plank
Static Stretching

Find […]

Accumulator Workout #6

Accumulator starts with 1 exercise for 1 minute, after the minute is complete a new exercise is introduced after the first exercise. With each new addition of an exercise 10 seconds is taken off of the 1 minute time of all the previous exercises. It is written in order of how to perform the workout, […]