#LJInspired: Where do you find inspiration?

Where do YOU find your inspiration?
Do you pin on Pinterest or a physical inspiration board? Do you scour through fashion, home, and fitness magazine and websites? Do you get outside? Out in the wilderness or around your neighborhood? Do you read the newspaper or poetry? Do you meditate? Do you go have wine dates with […]

Back on the trails again

After nearly two weeks of not hiking/trail running/woods wandering, I was jonesing for some nature time! Luckily this weekend allowed me to get out three days in a row!

Friday: Angel’s Rest

I took the morning to run/hike Angel’s Rest in the Columbia River Gorge. This is a pretty straight up and down hike, for a total […]

New At-Home Fitness and Cooking Inspiration: GROKKER!

Let’s be honest. It’s easy for routine to become a rut. I’m not exactly Giada De Laurentiis in the kitchen (though I’m told I look a lot like her!). So when I find a new recipe that’s quick, easy, healthy, and yummy, I’ll use it over and over and over. Until I get sick of […]