Finding Time for Fitness

Today’s guest post comes from Jennifer Livingston, fitness enthusiast and writer.
If you’re anything like 80 percent of American adults, you aren’t getting nearly as much exercise as you should be. Why is that? After all, we all understand that getting the right amount of exercise is integral to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Exercise improves energy […]

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Making some big moves….

I’ve been saying (and feeling) that 2015 was going to be a big year all along. I declared it the year of “No Excuses – the year where I would challenge myself both professionally and personally – and now it’s all really starting to make sense. The year has only just begun and already I’ve […]

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Honoring Christ with my Body

I’m Becky.  30 year old Christ Follower since age 9.  Wife of 10 years and Momma to my 1.5-yr-old son.  I’ve always being passionate about exercising.  I started exercising in high school.  It started as a “ooh I want a 6 pack” then transitioned, in college, to “now I want to add muscle to my […]

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