Grateful to Join Sweat Pink!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and thank you for the chance to join this community! I am really excited to be able to become a sweat pink ambassador!
As a Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Yoga Instructor, lifelong dancer and Health Coach, I truly appreciate the importance of movement […]

Staying Fit Through Pregnancy

My current goal continues to be to stay as active as possible while pregnancy.

Throughout this pregnancy, I did my first CrossFit competition (the day after I found out I was expecting!) and ran a half marathon (at 8 weeks pregnant), but I also was put on moderate bed rest due to some medical issues at […]

Running to Myself

Running.  It’s a metaphor for so many things; running from something, running to something, running for something.  We are always running.  I was always running. I wasn’t always running for the right reasons.  When I was younger, my parents got divorced.  My first instinct was to run away; run to something happier, somewhere full of […]

My Story

I was recently selected to be an ambassador for Sweat Pink and couldn’t be more thrilled!

As a new ambassador, I’ve been encouraged to share my story. I’m still getting used to the idea of sharing some of the more personal aspects of my life, but when I started this blog I decided I would commit […]

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What Makes You Fit?

“Are you fit?”

“Did you say that you workout?”

These were the questions our tour guide was shouting to me as I struggled to keep up with him and my husband biking through the hills of Austria. We had booked a bike tour in hopes of seeing more of the beautiful Austria countryside and getting some leisurely […]

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