10 Ways to Prepare for a Race….of any distance

Yesterday marked my 2nd race from the Dirt Cheap Trail Race Series in my community. I’ll be posting a race recap later, but for now, I just want to share that this was a really challenging race for me. Ok ok, I’m not trying to sound like a downer, but, I needed to figure out why it […]

Harder than it looks

When I was at the beach last week, I wanted to take one of my yoga-pose-of-the-day pictures on a SUP board (my parents are totally hooked on stand-up paddling!). So my dad came down to the water with me. Easy-peasy (kind of) to bust a wild thing before heading off on a solo paddle. (Disclaimer: […]

It’s never to late to get fit.

I started my journey to a healthy life about 5 years ago.

I woke up one morning weighing my heaviest 213 pounds. And was so tired of not liking what I see in the mirror. I didn’t even like my husband of almost 20 years looking at me.

So I made a decision to make a change. I […]