Baby’s first blogger event

Last night I attended my first blogger event! Title Nine here in Portland hosted a FitFest to help fit local bloggers for sports bras (coming your way in June, San Fran!). For the record,  I have never considered myself a blogger. I was there in support (we were helping promote the event), not because I’m a […]

Recovering Lucky Charms Addict

I’m a recovering Lucky Charms addict.  My diet rivaled a teenage boy’s as I ate all things starch, sugar, and fat.  Why were my pant seams rebelling?!  I hated exercise because sweat was gross and icky; and let’s be honest, I was lazy.  I thought I could keep getting away with inhaling oreos without consequence.

I think […]

Protein Powder in Post-Work Smoothies

Recently, I went to a cafe with a friend who decided to buy a mango smoothie with a bit of added protein powder.  But she realized soon afterwards that she didn’t really like the texture or taste of the powder in her smoothie, but usually did add some to her post-run smoothies on a regular basis.  As […]

May 21st, 2015|Categories: Ambassadors, Personal life|5 Comments