Get your stretch on! #FreeFriday #BOSUStrong

It’s #FreeFriday! Weeeee! What’s your favorite stretch? Forward fold for the hammies, standing quad stretch, pigeon pose…? The options are endless! Show us what’s your favorite and don’t forget to tag all the tags: #sweatpink #BOSUStrong #FitFamily #ad @FitApproach @BOSUFitness (Twitter) @BOSU_Fitness (Instagram)

BONUS: For #forearmfriday, show us a move that helps you stretch and tone!

If you need workout inspiration, […]

Running, My other true love

Many of my readers and people who know me, know that running is a huge part of how I identify myself.  I am known in the group of people I hang out with as “the runner”.  This past year, running and I took a bit of a break from each other.  I still ran every […]

Transformation of a Lifetime

Transformation Tuesday Thinkings

It’s been over a year now since I embarked on this weird, terrifying, overwhelming journey of weight loss. I posted a while back about my transformation and my bikini competitor prep, but what I left out was all the behind the scenes bullshit that goes on.
Behind the scenes… when the curtain is […]

Exercise vs. Nutrition – where do you fall in the scope of things?

I read an interesting article this past week and it really made me think about how individuals look at their goals as a whole. In this article, it discussed the importance of diet/nutrition vs. exercise. For many people, the exercise comes first…. People assume that because they work out, they are able to eat however they […]

Balance it out YOUR way! #BOSUStrong

Happy Friday, sweaties! For #FreeFriday, show us your favorite way to get your balance on! Tag it up: #sweatpink #BOSUStrong #ad #FitFamily @BOSU_Fitness (Instagram) @BOSUFitness (Twitter) @FitApproach

BONUS: This week for #forearmfriday, try busting some forearm plank, maybe even bust it out on a BOSU!

If you need workout inspiration, check out these fun & quick moves from […]