Stop Shoulding Yourself

The Should Talk

I’m sitting here at home, on my couch, giving myself the “should” talk.  This morning i missed my bus to get to the other side of town to take 2 yoga classes.  I should’ve gotten up 5 minutes earlier, because i should work out today.  I shouldn’t be so lazy.  I should do […]

My Last Pregnancy Almost Did Me In

Do you see this sweet little angel in her tiny little crown?  She was less than 24 hours old here.  She’s the youngest of three.  She has an older brother who is now 13 and an older sister who just turned 5.  She is now 7 months old.  She is the joy of our lives […]

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Weight loss success story

There is only one way to achieve a healthy body and that is hard work.  I didn’t have a health scare and learned how and what to eat on my own.  I have always been disciplined in work and now with my own health.  I think people are surprised including myself that it took me […]

Introducing Smart Girls Lift

Think about where you feel happiest. Perhaps it is in the arms of family and friends, or in a big chair with your favorite book, or in bed, snuggled under the covers. For the majority of my life, the place where I felt the most happy has been a soccer field. I’ve spent over 20 […]

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Healthy Sleep Habits

We know we’re supposed to get enough sleep and we really try. But we also know it’s often easier said than done.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you win the war on insomnia.


Consistency is KEY!

Staying on your body’s natural wake and sleep schedule (circadian rhythm) is important for achieving good sleep.

Try going […]