Facebook Live: 10 Days of HIIT & Flow with Flex & Flow

I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since we ended our sweatiest yoga challenge to date. Thanks to all of YOU sweaties, who rocked the 10 Days of HIIT & Flow with Flex & Flow ! Liz and I closed out the challenge on Fit Approach’s Facebook page, where we did a live workout of the HIIT & Flow moves with all of you – what a sweat-fest!

Flex & Flow HIIT & Flow, you say?

If you’re unfamiliar with HIIT & Flow, or @hiit.and.flow on Instagram, it’s our signature workout created by our very own Jamie King. This workout combines the strength and endurance-building moves of High Intensity Interval Training with the balancing and stretching poses of yoga. Once you combine the two, you’ve got one sweaty, full-body workout.


(I’m in the midst of working-it in a revolved lunge. This move is killer!)

I’ve been practicing HIIT & Flow for about a year now and it continues to transform my yoga practice and my running.  It builds strength for yoga classes, especially my core strength for practicing inversions. HIIT & Flow also conditions my muscles so I can run farther and even faster on the trails. It’s honestly always so challenging and sometimes I question why I came to the workout, but I never regret it once it’s done – the endorphins and sweaty friends always make it worthwhile.


(How I feel once the HIIT & Flow workout is done!)

If you live in the Portland area, then you need to head over to the Flex & Flow studio and get in for this sweatfest of a class – we teach 5 HIIT & Flow classes a week at our studio, and it always challenges and strengthens our athletic yogis.

Fit Approach Facebook Live: 10 Days of HIIT & Flow with Flex & Flow

If you missed our HIIT & Flow sweatfest, or are ready to take the workout from the top again, then look no further. Let’s get sweaty, y’all!

[Tweet “We’re working out with @flexandflowyoga and getting our #FFYHIITYoga on – check it out! #sweatpink #iamempowered #flexandflow”]

Ready for more?

We won’t be stopping this heart-pumping, muscle building, and super sweaty workout any time soon. In fact we want everyone to join in on the fun. For us, getting sweaty and strong TOGETHER is what keeps us motivated to get on the HIIT & Flow gliders and really get after this workout. As a community, we are are built around the values of love and support for everyone no matter what path they take towards a sweatier, healthier, and stronger lifestyle. We want to keep building this empowering tribe and keep spreading those sweaty vibes – because WE LOVE YOUR SWEATY VIBES!

Stay tuned for more news on an upcoming HIIT & Flow training at Flex & Flow in Portland, OR. And if you’re not in the area, no worries – we’re bringing the training straight to you with an at-home, HIIT & Flow training program, where you’ll learn all the moves, sequences and skills to practice and teach your very own HIIT & Flow classes.

Sweaty Winners!

As we mentioned on our Facebook Live video, we are choosing two sweaty winners for the 10 Days of HIIT & Flow Challenge….

Congrats to Stacey Beatty and Janet Yiu!  You two were going at all the sweaty HIIT Yoga moves, nonstop through out the challenge!

Stacey B HIIT Yoga

Janet HIIT Yoga






Thanks for making HIIT & Flow part of your every day – we hope you loved it and keep it up. As a special thanks for rocking the challenge, we’ll be sending you a pair of HIIT & Flow gliders so you can keep those sweaty vibes going strong! Winners: make sure to send your shipping info over to <nicci@fitapproach.com> to receive your prize.

Well sweaty friends, I can say with full confidence that we all HIIT it out of the park with this workout. We can’t wait for all the #hiitandflow fun that’s coming, so stay tuned and stay sweaty!Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Workouts

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Workouts

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