These trending 2018 goals show us we’re all on the same page

It’s the new year, and everyone is talking about their goals for this year. It’s a really inspiring time to be reading blogs and cruising social media; everyone has big plans and big goals for what they’ll take on, not to mention some really powerful self-reflection and perspective-shifting thanks to this clean slate of a year we’ve been given.

I couldn’t help but notice a few common themes popping up among everyone’s goals and intentions for the new year, we so we rounded up some of the standouts here. Here’s what’s on the community’s mind and is trending in #sweatpink circles.

Saying PEACE OUT to 2017

2017, it appears, was a challenging year for a lot of us. The Fit Nana writes, “2017 was definitely something else, as years go, and I’m trying to take what I’ve learned during that whole roller coaster ride and use it to my advantage in 2018.”

Jamie doesn’t hold back on 2017: “2017 was a crazy year on so many levels; for starters, it was the first year of Trump’s presidency, it also seemed to be the year for natural disasters – how many epic wildfires, hurricanes, and earthquakes can one year take? Not to mention, all of the other events and tragedies that tried to tear us all apart (I won’t even go into detail on those – we’ve all read the headlines).”


Running, running, and more running!

We are a fitness community, after all! Sweat Pink sisters are chasing a TON of running goals. These are just a tiny sampling of all the big, amazing goals out there:

#RealTalk about New Years and new goals

Over at Long Distance Relationship, the couple behind the blog write a powerful call to action against resolution shaming. “No matter what the reason, people need to stop hating on resolutions. This also means that if you make a resolution to do something or act a certain way then you should not mock yourself or say that your goal is unattainable. If you don’t believe in yourself no change will ever happen. Do not diminish your plans or any progress that you make towards them. Setbacks are always going to happen, but self-shaming doesn’t have to follow.”

Missy from Getting Fit to Find Myself found the courage to share where she’s at in her health and weight loss journey, and where she plans to go from here: “As I have mentioned before I feel like I am a fraud.  I have a fitness and wellness blog and I am not fit nor all that well.  Why would anyone really read what I have to say?  I seriously contemplated getting rid of Getting Fit to Find Myself.  I pride myself on being real and I didn’t feel real.”

Nic from Deep Thoughts in Overalls is over new years, because, she says, there are always chances to start from scratch. And the bumps in the road are what make us stronger: “It’s an opportunity to start with a clean slate, to set goals that force us out of our comfort zone and to not let anything stop us in our path. Yes, there will be many, many bumps, but just remember, without the struggles, there is no strength. It’s because of those bumps we learn to overcome, to succeed, or at the very least, learn from our mistakes. This year is a time to take action, to move forward, and to never stop in the pursuit of what lights our fire.”

Choosing one word

So many in the community pick a word (or two!) to define their year, rather than specific goals. I’ve done this for years and love how it helps frame my year—no matter what curveballs life throws at you, you can usually adapt your word to meet the situation.

Journey Thru 30 says, “I started thinking about my goals and then found their common ground to land on my word. What’s funny is that after talking to a few other friends about it, it was interesting to see that there are some similar goals but we’re all going about them in a different way and with the word that most resonated within us….Here’s my word for 2018: Expand.

For the past few years, I’ve picked one word as the theme for my year across all areas of my life  – and this year’s word is “Brave.” Personally, professionally, and in my running, I want to stretch beyond my comfort zone.” says Running with Attitude

Fitty Foodlicious chose two words: Whatever your goals are for 2018, I hope that meet them with power and grace. My two words for 2018: Power and Grace.”

Mindy Nienhouse says, “In 2018, I want to live more with intention: with my health, my wealth, my time, and so on. It feels like the exact opposite of how I got through much of 2017. By choosing to live intentionally, I hope to cultivate a life that is a better reflection of who I am, and more importantly, leads me toward who I want to be.”

Here at Fit Approach, we usually choose a hashtag, rather than a word, (#bloggerproblems). This year our rallying cry is #IAmLimitless. We’re hearing your real talk about resolutions and we want to make this year about exceeding possibilities, about finding new strength and pushing ourselves what we believed we could achieve. Most of all, it’s about believing in ourselves. Trusting our goals, trusting our power, and trusting our capacity to do great things.

If you want to hop in on the fun, join the challenge here (just make sure you’re logged in to officially join!)

What’s on YOUR plate for 2018? What will you achieve?

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Challenges, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Challenges, Fitness


  1. Sara Letsch
    Sara Letsch

    While I have a lot of exciting things I’m working towards, in my blog, business, fitness job and more, the word I picked for this year is BALANCE! It’s the first time that I’ve picked a word for the year, but I think this one has been really speaking to me. I am so excited to blend that desire for balance with the push to be limitless!

    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason Post author

      That’s a great word, I love it! I can’t wait to see how you achieve balance AND limitlessness this year!

  2. Kelly Terwilliger
    Kelly Terwilliger

    I’m looking forward to 2018! Just started training for a 1/2 marathon that is 3/25 (my 39th birthday…eeeekkkk). My word for the year is SIMPLIFY and FEEL. Simplify my life so I stop stressing, say no to things that don’t feel good and if it feel REALLY good then dive in head first! Happy 2018!

    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason Post author

      ooh YES, I really need to work on saying no to things, and focus on doing more of the things that make me feel amazing. So excited for your half marathon and your birthday and everything else about 2018!

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