5 Tips to Feel Amazing Everyday …. And oh yeah, 40% off!

When is the last time you felt amazing? ….

If your answer doesn’t include sometime today, then it’s time for some real talk. Feeling amazing doesn’t need to be limited to the high points in life - you know, like when you PR at a race, go on a dream vacation, or have your first encounter with a real, live sloth.

Feeling amazing can and should be a part of your everyday life. For me, it often comes from everyday things like a warm hug, a good, sweaty yoga class, snuggle time with my dog, and the first sip of my morning smoothie.

If you’re not feeling amazing everyday, read on for some of my favorite simple feel-good habits that will help you embody the #feelamazingeveryday hashtag.

Start your day with Superfoods and Adaptogens, Oh My!

Begin your day with a breakfast saturated in Superfoods and adaptogenic herbs to give your body the energy and vitality that it needs to keep you feeling amazing.

Pro tip: If you want to sip on something that gives you a whole range of benefits all at once, try Amazing Grass’s new Elixirs. The new Elixirs are chock full of adaptogens that – help with cognitive health and mental clarity for your brain, optimal gut health for belly, and support radiant hair, skin, and nails for beauty. Add them to your favorite smoothie or water for an instant boost! Each new drink mix contains adaptogenic herbs and other functional ingredients to help you feel your best every day. The new Elixirs come in three varieties Beauty (hibiscus), Brain (matcha), and Belly (turmeric). Get 40% off Amazing Grass products using the code SweatPink2017 at checkout.

Make time to move!

Exercise is often the best medicine - it not only makes you stronger physically, but is also proven to boost your mood, and improve mental clarity.

Pro tip: If you still dread working out, try something new! Go out and find an activity you love and stick it on your schedule until it becomes a habit. Still need more motivation? Try Gixo, our favorite new fitness app. They have everything from bootcamp-style quickie workouts to strength training classes that will have you rockin’ out with tunes from Beyoncé and Rihanna. Gixo provides you with a real-live trainer in a group exercise setting that is unlike any other. Want to try Gixo? Download the app and get one month FREE.

Stay hydrated!

If you want to feel amazing everyday, then you have to hydrate. Your body needs water. And no, coffee does not count.

Pro tip: Want to make your water work even harder for you? Then make it green! With Amazing Grass’s new Green Superfood Effervescents - refreshing, dissolvable tablets containing a blend of organic alkalizing greens designed to provide an invigorating dose of greens, clean energy and immunity support - drinking your water with a side of green has never been easier. Get 40% off Amazing Grass products using the code SweatPink2017 at checkout.

Be grateful.

It’s important to be grateful for what you have in life - both for the small things (ahem, puppy snuggles) and the big things (like race PRs). Practicing gratitude is a consciously-developed habit that helps us stay aware of all the good we have in our life.

Pro tip: Show your gratitude by giving back to others. Read this great post on better ways to give back.


It’s truly not just for the dead, in fact, it’s for those who really want to live! Getting the proper amount of sleep will leads to higher productivity, helps spark creativity, and enables a better mood.

Pro tip: Need better strategies for better sleep? Read this article for 5 steps to better sleep.

These little healthy habits can have a big impact on your day - so go ahead, try it for yourself and #feelamazingeveryday! I dare you!

Not enough? Take 40% off Amazing Grass products using SweatPink2017 at checkout. And don’t forget to try their new line of Elixirs and Effervescents products and join the #elixirsquad and #dropfizzfeelamazing community on Instagram!

About Amazing Grass Elixirs:

Amazing Grass Elixirs, available in Beauty, Brain and Belly blends, are a breakthrough line of USDA Organic Certified powders which are crafted with fermented greens and adaptogenic herbs, plus pioneering functional ingredients specifically designed to support key wellness needs around aging, cognitive and gut health.

About Amazing Grass Effervescents:

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Effervescent is a refreshing, dissolvable tablet created with the brand’s organic alkalizing greens blend designed to provide an invigorating dose of greens, clean energy and help support immunity.

In partnership with Amazing Grass. Thank you for your support of our brand partners! It is so very appreciated. <3

Jamie King

Jamie King

Lifelong athlete, Jamie King loves helping others embrace their inner athlete and find joy in movement, sweat and community. As an avid yogi, competitive ultra runner, snowboarder and former tennis player, Jamie is no stranger to a good sweat session or tough workout. She believes in challenging herself and others to be the best they can be and building people up through community, movement, laughter and friendship. Jamie developed the Flex & Flow HIIT Yoga workout to provide people with an efficient and fun way to get heart rates up, blood pumping and energy flowing. She is also the founder of the Fit Approach community, a popular online fitness community where bloggers, brands and fitness enthusiasts come together over their love for sweat and their #sweatpink lifestyle and the CEO and founder of SweatGuru, an online platform that helps people find and book the best fitness classes in their area and helps fitness professionals seamlessly manage and grow their business and the owner of Flex & Flow, a fitness and yoga studio in Portland, OR where she resides. When she’s not dripping with sweat, you can usually find her snuggling or playing ball with Abbie, her vizsla puppy or exploring all of the great restaurants, and beautiful outdoors in the PNW.


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