Announcing #1MillionMinutes!

We are SO EXCITED to invite the whole community to come together to chase a HUGE goal this summer: #1MillionMinutes of activity!

Let’s all work together to rack up


of movement! 

As always, our goal is to inspire and encourage everyone to get moving, so help us in getting your friends, family, co-workers, and everyone in between working with us this summer to achieve one million minutes of movement!

dr evil 1 million minutes

#1MillionMinutes with #sweatpink begins Sunday, June 21, our 4th birthday (squeee!) and ends August 21.

Can we do it? 

Heck yeah, we can!

Ready to make amazing things happen?


Here’s what you can expect:

  • Each Sunday we’ll send you an email with weekly prompts (workouts, healthy snack ideas and more)

  • Each day, add your minutes here (starting 6/21) and we’ll keep a running total of how many minutes the community has achieved!

  • We’ll all share how we’re doing on our social channels and help each other stay accountable, motivated, and on top of our goals.

  • Winners! We’ll be announcing some pretty awesome prizes… stay tuned!


MORE RULES for those who need more RULES:

There’s really only one rule. Track your minutes and SHARE!…but if you are really rule abiding, here are some rule suggestions for you:

  1. Share about #1MillionMinutes #SweatPink as frequently as possible throughout the challenge

  2. Keep tracking those minutes! Let’s CRUSH our goal of 1 Million!

  3. Share everywhere – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, Facebook, etc. The more you share, the more likely you are to win awesome prizes

  4. Any kind of active minutes count! If you run, awesome, RUN. If you walk, fabulous, WALK. Gardening counts. Aqua aerobics count. Stair climbing counts. Bussing tables counts. If it feels like active minutes to you, it counts as active minutes to us.

  5. If you need to swap one day for another, do it…OR here’s a pro tip: say you can’t walk or run a mile one day but you can do it another day, take a photo to represent that activity and save it for the day you want to use it. Nobody will ever know (except for you!). 😉

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