Avoid the Busy Trap: Why You Need a Fitcation

In March, the Atlantic printed an article on being busy. Apparently, busy-ness has become a status symbol and Americans equate it with prestige. "I'm busy" or "Things are crazy at work right now" might be a default response of yours when someone asks you how you're doing. I know I'm guilty of this. Who has time to be bored these days when you're busy running to work, running a company, running a blog, and running in circles as you try to coordinate family schedules, vacations, and meal times?

We're always running.

So let's pause, take a deep breath, and ask ourselves why we're so busy being busy. Got your answer yet? 

I don't have one, which means it's time to take a step back and recharge. I don't want to be busy because our culture tells me it's a sign of success. I want to be present, doing the things I love with the people I love because life is too short to waste it doing anything but.

Last spring, we hosted our first EMPOWER retreat in Sonoma, California. Our days were filled with trail running, HIIT yoga, gourmet meals, wine, and protein-packed treats. The days of summer are flying by, especially as we prepare for BlogFest and the EMPOWER Race Series. What better way to rest and rejuvenate and stop being busy than with a fitcation?

Lucky for you, Fit Approach, in partnership with Lorna Jane, is hosting EMPOWER Vancouver, the ultimate fitcation. From September 29-August 1, we'll indulge a little, sweat a lot, and practice mindfulness while taking in Canada's breathtaking city.

You can register here.

Now, go unplug. Spend time with a girlfriend. Enjoy a glass of rosé. The only thing you should really be doing is nothing at all.

Ready to pack your bag? Check out our tips for how to pack for your upcoming fitcation. 

Courtney Ferris

Courtney Ferris

Courtney is a Facebook Advertising Consultant and ACE-certified group fitness instructor. When she's not busy working, she loves skiing, hiking, cycling, and traveling. Her blog is her creative space to share her love for health, wellness, travel, and adventure. If you're in Washington, DC, get in touch and join one of our Sweat Pink DMV events!

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