Become a Sweat Pink™ ambassador!

Do you sweat pink and sweat it proud?

Do you have a passion for inspiring others on their journeys to health? Do you believe that strong is the new skinny, pink is the new black, and that a positive attitude and whole foods are a healthier route to happiness than self-loathing and 100-calorie snack packs?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you are an ideal candidate for becoming a Sweat Pink™ Ambassador!

Who are Sweat Pink™ ambassadors?

  • Enthusiastic health nuts who love sweating and eating well, but can also appreciate the finer things in life (chocolate, cheese, wine…)
  • Natural leaders. They motivate those around them to achieve their best, and set an example of healthy, positive living. They set up running clubs for their friends, and organize gym dates early in the morning or after work. They get their co-workers to try yoga, and to order fruit instead of donuts for meetings.
  • Passionate. Whether they go gaga for green smoothies or tear up the floor every day at Zumba, there’s something about living well that really gets them going, and their enthusiasm is infectious.
  • Curious. Always looking out for the latest fitness or foodie craze, eager to learn, connect, share, and discover.

Photo: @healthycarleeh

Why become a Sweat Pink™ ambassador? 

  • Inspire others. You can make huge changes in people’s lives by being their champion, encouraging them to get off the couch and chase their goals.
  • Get connected. As an ambassador, you’ll gain a whole network of motivating, inspiring, well-connected people like yourself.
  • Gain exposure. Whether you’re working on your own blog, developing a personal brand, or just trying to raise awareness in your family / workplace / community about healthy living, you’ll gain visibility and a whole new audience of like-minded people.
  • Brand campaign opportunities. We partner with fun lifestyle and fitness brands, and share these opportunities with our community.

Apply to become an ambassador here. 


Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness


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  4. healthyhappywhole

    I am SOOOOO excited to be part of this community! thank you so much for including me and making me feel welcome!

    1. Jamie King
      Jamie King

      We are soooo THRILLED to have you as part of the SWEAT PINK community. You totally ROCK. 😉

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  19. Keri Elliott

    Any idea on when this will re-open so I can apply to be a Pink Ambassador? I would LOVE the opportunity to represent in my town! 🙂

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  25. Kandi

    I am dying for the application to reopen!!!! I have been through quite a journey and changed my life. In the process, I have found that I LOVE helping others and being an inspiration, as so many have been to me.

    I’ll be checking back often!

  26. Steffi Marie

    I applied to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador a few days ago and I’m really excited!! My fingers have been crossed ever since (okay, that’s a lie but my figurative fingers are crossed for sure!) and I’m so hopeful I’ll have the opportunity to Sweat Pink here in Iowa!! Thanks for organizing such an empowering group. Be well and Have a Healthy Day! Steffi

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    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason

      Hi Erica! Typically, it’s a week or two… we are reading through applications as fast as possible! 🙂

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  31. Jamie

    I am applying to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador asap! I love this!! Can’t wait to join you all!

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  33. Bee Goes Bananas

    I just submitted my application and I can’t wait to hear back! I hope I can become a Sweat Pink Ambassador and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. You are an amazing organization and it would be such an honour to be affiliated with you guys! xo

  34. Nicole

    Quick question: How long does it normally take to hear back about an application? I think it’s been almost three weeks and I’m starting to get a little nervous. Will we hear back whether we are chosen or not? Still crossing my fingers! 🙂

    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason

      Hi Nicole! We are reading through applications just as quickly as possible…and all the holiday excitement has us a little behind! We’ll be in touch very, very soon! 🙂

      1. Nicole

        No hurry, just curious 🙂 I keep checking my junk mail like a fiend! Happy holidays, Fit Approach!

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  37. nikki

    Hello, I applied to become a SP ambassador but never heard back either way. Just wondering the status.


  38. robyn

    I’m very excited to be a new Sweat Pink Ambassador – so few of us in Australia!! Come on Australia, we need more Sweat Pinks!

  39. Sara @ fitcupcaker

    I want to submit an application. I would love to be a sweat pink ambassador! I just started my blog in Nov and I need some more opportunities to get involved. I am a health and fitness lover and I try to enspire others to have balance in their lives while still enjoying treats every once in a while!

  40. Rana

    Signed up to be an ambassador a couple weeks ago. I can’t wait to hear if I got in or not. I would be soo soo happy to become such an amazing community!!

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  42. Kari

    This sounds awesome. I’m currently deployed and have actually started doing a lot of workouts over here and daily more and more female soldiers are joining me for these training sessions.

  43. Sherilynn Macale

    What a fantastic idea. I’ve been a fitness and health enthusiast for the last 7 months now, and since beginning my fitness journey, my body has *completely* changed.

    I’ve been working towards inspiring my subscribers (208,000 on Facebook, 8,000+ on Twitter, etc) to live a healthier lifestyle as well, and this Sweat Pink Ambassador program seems like a great idea!

    I can’t wait for you to reopen applications, and I’m excited to hear from your team. I’d love to push this across to my own following and help spread your message!

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  47. Nancy MaticannBock

    Just wondering when you will be finished reviewing the current submissions…and to that if you have received mine? I am so excited about the potential to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

  48. Melissa Morris

    I would SO so SO love to be an ambassador!! I hope the application process opens back up soon 🙂

  49. Nancy MaticannBock

    I have submitted an ambassador application and have not heard anything either way. It has been quite some time and I was just curious if the final decisions have been made. Thanks so much.

  50. Shannon

    I am so excited to apply…I live to work out, train for races and eat healthy food…and, I hope, inspire others to do the same!

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  53. Malialani McQuerry

    As a health/wellness coach, I am passionate about teaching others how to manage their wellness/fitness goals. Please let me know when you open the ambassador program up again. I would love to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador, here in Oklahoma! After the tornadoes we have been through, we could use some Sweat Pink Love and motivation! Thank-you! #LiveOnPurpose #SweatPink

  54. Stephanie Wagner

    I’m a huge fan of what ya’ll are doing for the running and fitness community! I look forward to when applications open back up for the Ambassador program so I can apply. Until then, Keep Calm and Sweat Pink! 😉

  55. Cassidy S.

    Will applications open up again soon? I just noticed a “Sweat Pink Ambassador” on the side of a blog and thought this would be a great opportunity. I’m slowly but surely getting more friends to be active with me 🙂

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  58. Michelle Kim

    I saw the cute tanks at a race before and was curious what it was. What an amazing movement! Hope to be an ambassador one day!

  59. Kim S.

    Will applications be opening again soon? I’ve already started to inspire some of my co-workers into getting fit and active and I think what you stand for is fantastic. 🙂

    I’m ready to sweat pink!

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  65. tawni

    Thank you so much for including me as part of your amazing community!I can’t wait to explore, play and learn!

  66. Erin

    I am so pleased to be a part of the Sweat Pink team! This is such an amazing community. SO excited! 🙂

  67. Bryan

    Question, which may have been answered elsewhere: to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador, do you have to be a woman? I am totally on board with your vision and you totally have my support either way, but I would love to be an ambassador for such an awesome group!

    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason

      Bryan, we’d love for you to join the Sweat Pink Ambassador community! We are open to anyone who believes in the mission and have many men in the program! 🙂

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  70. Hanna

    I live in Tasmania in Australia…….are Ambassador in Aisyral I at all? I love what I’ve read snd c would love to be apart of something like this to inspire others

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  72. Kristin

    If I applied will I get a response whether I’m accepted or not? Just wondering if I should apply again or not 😉 (I got an email saying someone would be in touch soon, but that was almost a month ago.) Thanks!

    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason

      You will hear from us either way! We are backlogged with applications but will be in touch soon… 🙂

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  74. Emily

    So thankful to have found a place of such support, that seems to embody exactly what I’m all about! I had a very rough year last year, with my first pregnancy with twin BOY’S! I had numerous problems, and ended up delivering them a few months early at 3 pounds a piece. One of my twins spent a month in the hospital, but the other spent the first 3 months of his life in the hospital, and had surgery before he was even 2 months old. We still have a long way to go with him, but now that we are all home and here recently have found a state of normalcy (for us lol) I have finally been able to work on myself, which is so empowering after all that I have and continue to go through. All of these little set backs are just stepping stones in my journey, and I was definitely drawn to sweatpink instantly! I would LOVE to be chosen as an ambassador as it would be so life affirming for me! Just wanted to tell a little about myself and say how amazed I already am with all the positivity I’m seeing! You ladies are amazing! Southwest Georgia definitely needs to sweat more pink!

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  79. Chloe - A Latte Lipstick

    Hello! I have applied to be a brand ambassador and started getting emails with topics. I was wondering if this meant I was accepted yet? Love this brand! Thanks so much for the help!

    A Latte Lipstick

  80. Molly

    I love all that sweat pink embodies! What an amazing community~ #HeathandHappiness #jollymolly

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  84. Julia Kruz

    I’m an adherent of a healthy lifestyle. Also i love yoga and fitness. I can’t imagine my life without activity sports. Thx for sharing Sweat Pink:)

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