A classic rookie mistake

You might remember a certain valedictory post I wrote a couple months ago about the longest I’ve ever run. I wrote that post high on life and endorphins, still in minor shock that I—a person who has always identified as NOT A RUNNER—could actually put one foot in front of the other for that many steps.

It’s truth time.

I wrote that post while recovering from an over-use injury that I committed that very day of my number-of-miles-PR. After that run, I literally couldn’t bend my left knee without excruciating pain. So I didn’t. I straight-leg-limped my way about town: to the farmer’s market, up and down our stairs, carrying my daughter, and sitting awkwardly at my desk, for no fewer than three days.

It was plenty of time to reflect on what I’d done wrong, and to find a physical therapist to help me back out of the hole I’d dug.

It was a classic beginner’s injury (according to my awesome PT): I went too far, too quickly. Instead of the recommended 10% week over week increase in distance, effort, or time, I did almost a 100% increase in distance in a week. And I knew it was a mistake: the knee pain started getting real intense about halfway through that run, and I kept pushing (eventually, I did have to walk quite a bit on the way back; huge thanks to Shanna for keeping me company as I limped back).


I took a couple weeks off to recover. I tried running once or twice during that time, and less than a minute in, I’d feel the sharp pain rear up in my knee, and… full stop.


I am committed to getting back into it, if only because I liked the social aspects of run club. But I’m still not there yet. I can run about 2.5 miles without pain and I’m working on increasing that gradually so I don’t hurt myself again.

beginning runner injury

But that means: for the EMPOWER race, for which I committed to running a 10K, I’m dropping back to the 5k.

beginning runner injury

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Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness


  1. Jamie King

    I still just can’t even believe that you’re enjoying running…I never thought I’d hear you say these words ..and I’m so proud. I’ll stick to my guns and keep asking…STRAVA! 🙂 It’s how I can cheer you on and support you from afar….! DO IT.

  2. Liz Wilson

    Take care of those knees, lady! Can’t wait to run with you at EMPOWER!

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