The best workout-friendly jewelry

There’s a lot to love about athleisure becoming the default wardrobe for active women everywhere. Who doesn’t love wearing clothes that move with you, and that are ready for an impromptu sweat session, all the time?

Always wearing spandex does mean you’ve got to update your accessories, though: your statement necklace or your tassel earrings might not work with your crop top or your leggings (though if they do, more power to you!).

Luckily there are quite a few jewelry options out there for the active woman: jewelry that stands up to sweat, is easy to wash, and won’t snag or get scratched by weights or other equipment.

Here are our favorite pieces to wear while sweating:

Momentum Motivate Wraps

These cute bracelets are made of soft, barely-there fabric and feature inspirational sayings to help motivate you through your last mile or set.

If you’re joining us for the EMPOWER Race this August, this cute bracelet is your finisher’s jewelry!

In addition to the wraps, Momentum also offers Footnotes (shoelace charms)

and Sparklets (hair ties).

Photo: Momentum Jewelry

Groove Ring


sweat pink

These silicone rings come in all sorts of fun colors—from the bright to the serious—give your workout outfit a pop of color in a ring that won’t scratch or be scratched.

I stacked a couple on top of my wedding band, and barely noticed them, except when I happened to glance down and see a big bright pop of color on my finger. (Disclosure: I received rings free to try. As always, all opinions are my own!)

workout friendly jewelry

Plus, they stayed put (and kept my notoriously prone-to-slippage wedding band in place) while I was out for a swim in some cold, cold water.

Bronwen Jewelry

This line looks like ‘real’ jewelry, but is designed to withstand outdoorsy pursuits, including swim, shower, sweat, you name it. For active days, we love the more delicate necklaces, like this dew drop one:

workout friendly jewelry

Photo: Bronwen Jewelry

Or this arc necklace:

workout friendly jewelry

Photo: Bronwen Jewelry

Both pieces are pretty enough to stand alone, but also look short enough that they won’t slap you in the face when you’re running or jumping or getting upside down.

What’s your take? Workout jewelry: yay or nay?

Get your own Momentum wrap by joining us for EMPOWER Race & Yoga Festival this August, and these are our favorite active lifestyle must-haves this summer. 

 Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Beauty, Favorites, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Beauty, Favorites, Fitness


  1. Courtney Ferris

    Oohh I love all of these jewelry finds! Can you wear the Groove ring to keep your wedding ring from slipping off in the water? If so, I need this!

    1. alysemb
      alysemb Post author

      YES! It kept my wedding band in place – and mine is always trying to escape, especially in cold water!

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