Blog bootcamp: up your Instagram game

Today for Blog Bootcamp we’re chatting all things Instagram. We’ve seen so many posts recently that share tried and true ways to increase your Instagram following that we figured we’d capture them all in one place.

Erin at Erin’s Inside Job grew her following very conscientiously and intentionally (have you seen her food photography? It’s gorgeous). Her tips aren’t quick fixes but they are proven to work. 🙂

How I Grew My Instagram Following – Erin’s Inside Job

I had the idea for this post as I spent an extra 30 min yesterday filming a video about farmer cheese, picking up a grilled cheese sandwich as part of an exchange to promote National Grilled Cheese today (it’s today), and buying a $9 sushi donut because it’s the first place I’ve seen them in Chicago.

Amanda from Run to the Finish rounded up the top hashtags for growing a fitness following on Instagram. Tip: keep these in a note on your phone so you can just copy and paste ALL the hashtags. We’re all busy people, after all.

Top Fitness Hashtags to Increase your Instagram

After sharing tips for breaking free of your selfie posting habit to get better photos and some great fitness accounts to follow for inspiration, in came the questions on “what else can I do to increase followers? ” It’s a great question and really all about connecting with the community!

There’s a lot of chatter about Insta’s shadowban. Eek. Jamie explains how to save yourself from becoming a shadow. Later also has a great recap and explanation.

Don’t become an Insta shadow – Jamie King Fit

I’ve been reading articles about the Instagram shadowban, trying to better understand it, and it seems like people are straight freaking out. And I get it. We all work hard to take great photos, edit them and then curate our beautiful accounts, whether for business or personal use and we want our work to be seen and appreciated by our hundreds or thousands of followers.

And while you’re focusing on your following… don’t shoot yourself in the foot by ignoring your bio.

How have you grown your Instagram following? Share in the comments!

How to rock product reviews, and increase your chances of participating in campaigns. Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Business Bootcamp, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Business Bootcamp, Fitness


  1. Jes Cross

    Thank you for this post! I have been at a bit of a loss on how to grow my Instagram account – having a hard time finding a good solid focus and not just being all over the place with my posts and blog posts. Hoping to make some changes and create an account that better reflects what I imagine it could look like 🙂 Learning how to be more efficient will be helpful too I think – I find it tough to maintain a good quality solid website and instagram account while working fulltime with a family…any tips for that??

    Instagram: @Running_Yogi

    Thanks again for this!

  2. Liz

    These tips are awesome! Thanks for sharing. New goals: increase engagement and don’t become a shadow!

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