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By Lindsay Valdez

I’ve been doing SEO (search engine optimization) for a little over ten years as my much-loved career of choice!! I spent the first seven-ish…

By Courtney Ferris

While studying for my ACE Group Fitness Certification test, I read a lot about exercise music. From BPM to volume, do not underestimate the…


By Jamie King

While I love to run with friends, I also really love to run alone. There’s nothing quite like running when it comes to clearing the cobwebs…

By Courtney Ferris

Do you shop seasonally? Not only is it better for your wallet because your food is traveling at the peak of its supply and costs less for fa…

By Alyse Mason

It’s Friday, which means it’s just about time to hit happy hour or brunch or the road for your weekend getaway. Before you lose yourself to…

By Alyse Mason

Summer may not have officially started yet, but we’re all downing the cold brew like nobody’s business around here. And we’re not alone – tu…

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