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Sweat Pink Ambassadors get all the free pink laces they can handle, as well as discounted gear. Make sure to add the SPA badge to your site, and/or post on your social accounts! :)

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Current Campaigns

Sweat Pink Chapters

Sweat Pink Chapters bring people together for fitness, sweat, and community. Membership benefits include:

  • Community building. Join a community of amazing people who LOVE fitness and health in your local communities! Sweat Pink Chapter members receive: monthly workouts, yearly EMPOWER retreat opportunities, and more!
  • Value-add community. Your Sweat Pink Chapter membership includes many perks, including the opportunity to try new products from our brand partners, special access to events, philanthropic donations, and more.
  • Philanthropy-driven approach. For every registration, Fit Approach donates $5 to Girls On the Run, a non-profit that encourages girls to build a community, meet a big goal, and feel empowered!
  • Worldwide Community. Every Sweat Pink Chapter member has the option to join the Sweat Pink Community at-large (free membership), a community of over 6,000 fitness enthusiasts, by using your chapter leader's referral code!

Current Chapters

  • Sweat Pink Austin
  • Sweat Pink Colorado Springs
  • Sweat Pink Denver
  • Sweat Pink DMV
  • Sweat Pink PNW
  • Sweat Pink Houston
  • Sweat Pink San Diego
  • Sweat Pink Huntsville

Or, apply here to create a Sweat Pink Chapter in your community!


Who doesn't like a little kickback in the form of cold hard cash (or Paypal, as the case may be)? Share Sweat Pink products, including retreats, gear, and chapter memberships, and you'll earn $$ for each successful referral! Just make sure your PayPal email is up to date on the settings tab below! 🙂

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