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Amazing Grass Elixir and Effervescent Instagram Challenge

For four weeks, @FitApproach will post two-three prompts per week that highlight Amazing Grass’ new Elixir and Effervescents products, each week designating a different theme. For instance, week one will include three prompts centered around the theme of Belly, week two will include two prompts centered around the theme of Brain, and week three will include three prompts centered around the theme of Beauty.

On the fourth week of the challenge, Fit Approach will post prompts to encourage challenge participants to create their perfect smoothie using Amazing Grass products for a chance to win $200 at their local natural retailer. Influencers and community members can participate in The Perfect Smoothie Challenge for a chance to win!

Post away through out the challenge and make sure to tag all the tags to be eligible to win: #feelamazingeveryday #ElixirSquad #DropFizzFeelAmazing #sweatpink #sweatpinkpartner @AmazingGrass @FitApproach 

September 18, 2017—October 13, 2017


We've declared 2017 the year of empowerment.

After 2016 turned into a topsy-turvy, WTF kind of year, we got up, brushed off the weird, and decided to make amazing things happen in 2017. We weren't going to have a repeat of last year, and we weren't going to lose any New Year’s resolutions in a sea of champagne, snow, and eggnog.

This year we’re focusing on empowerment! On reveling in our strength and getting even stronger. Surrounding ourselves with people that inspire and motivate us. Celebrating our differences, and realizing the power in that.

Head over to the blog to read more details about the challenge, customize and download our snazzy new #IAmEmpowered graphic, and most importantly, share with us how you're getting empowered, and empowering others, this year. 

Let's do this, friends.

January 1, 2017—December 31, 2017

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