Changing My Life Through Fitness

I had two seperate aha moments.  My first one came in my high school classroom in late September of 2012.  I work with kids everyday, and I know you have to be prepared for anything. However, I was not ready when I had a student ask me if I was pregnant.  I tried to hide my hurt and asked the student “Didn’t your mother ever teach you that you never ask a woman that question?”   I knew I had put on a little weight over the summer, but so much that I looked like I was pregnant? I have always been thin, but I seem to carry my extra weight in my stomach.

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This question was always in the back of my head pestering me.  Then one day I went shopping with my mother to try on a couple of dresses that had went on sale.  I tried on a dress that I really liked, and my mother told me the dress would look better if I dropped a few pounds.  If you ask my mother she does not remember saying this, but she did.  I am glad she did too, because this was the last straw.  I decided that enough was enough and I was going to do things the correct way.  That meant no fad diets, so I signed up at local gym and also singed up with a trainer at the gym in early October of 2012.

Little did I know that signing up with a trainer was going to change my life.  Initially I started this journey to lose a little bit weight and tone up before my wedding in June.  However, somewhere along the way I found a love of fitness, healthy eating, and blogging about my progress.

Since starting training I have lost half my body fat, toned, and gained muscle definition.  I have also started experimenting with new forms of exercise that before this journey I would never have thought to try.  I am currently even playing with idea of competing in a fitness competition. If anything, this journey so far has taught me that my lifestyle beforehand was not healthy.  I have learned how to fuel my body with the proper foods, and how to get a great workout!  You can check out my journey on Twitter @Aslates77 or on my blog:


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Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Ambassadors, Fitness

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