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  • Today’s post comes to us courtesy of the one and only Heidi Powell. She’ll be taking the stage at BlogFest for the keynote address, sharing her tips on perfect imperfection, and balancing fitness, […]

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  • Sushi is usually a meal I think of as a treat: a special occasion meal that I eat occasionally and love, but not often—and I definitely don’t make at home.

    That’s why I love this delicious vegan take on sushi […]

  • Back in March, Mark Bittman and David L. Katz wrote an article ambitiously called “The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right,” and, not surprisingly, it didn’t quite live up to its t […]

    • I’m usually not hungry-ish until about 8, so I make things I can have while at my desk. I do notice a difference if I skip it until lunch. All this is out the window if I am on an exercise routine morning then I really need that extra protein.

    • I am ALWAYS hungry when I get out of bed. HA. I always have to eat first thing or I’m not a nice human but very interesting!

    • I think it comes down to fueling an empty tank more than hunger. I tend not to be hungry until around 11 am daily and we found that I am weaker, less alert, and far more moody if I dont eat before 9am. Mostly, it makes me think of the calories we are burning just moving around out of bed or exercising without any energy to burn. Most fitness educator/experts even at Ideaworld will tell you if you do not eat before a workout your body will burn excess calories for a little bit, but then switch to lean muscle mass. The problem is that lean muscle mass is what we workout FOR lol so it pretty much defeats the purpose for health and wellness people to eat later or to fasted workout. But I would say it really comes down to each persons hormones and their activity level. A sedentary person probably doesnt require as much breakfast or someone who eats carbs fairly late since they will have things to burn off and their metabolism is probably mildly low. But highly active people, I wouldn’t agree with them. That’s why we get hangry because our bodies require fuel and going without for 10-12hrs with who knows how many calories they ingest during a given day seems unrealistic. I do agree on 90% of their other topics points about food quality. I think that it would ring the truest in general American diets, but not in people in an active life or health and wellness profession. We just move to much and burn so much energy, even when we binge watch on Netflix.

      I did really enjoy their opinions and slightly educated guesses on some of the topics. haha sprouted grains, fermented foods, and a few others they obviously dont ingest themselves haha but Mark is a foodie and they are always ingredient monitors for flavor and purpose over nutrition. But the good thing about that is, that higher quality food has less processing and that is the best way to eat. p.s. did you catch their little dig on vegans ” Vegan junk food is still junk food.” and technically I agree because most people think vegans only eat veggies (raw vegans) but most still eat breads, chips, and unnecessary foods just like the rest of us.

      great thought provoking share. I definitely spend my morning researching and reading. xoxo

  • Tomorrow is the day! We’re doing the Gixo 5K / 10K. If you haven’t signed up yet, you still can (it’s free!). There are all sorts of local events happening, in Portland, Austin, Minneapolis, Tipp City OH, […]

  • We’re gearing up the #Gixo5k / #Gixo10K on Saturday (have you signed up yet? It’s free!) so our heads are very much focused on race day: how to prepare, how to do our best, and how to properly recover. Not least […]

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  • Running can be a powerful form of meditation. It’s not often that we get uninterrupted periods of time to let our minds wander and process whatever bubbles up, and running can create the space to let that h […]

    • The novel I can never remember, but chocolate, chocolate I always remember… 😉

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  • Chances are if you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you’re very familiar with the food pyramid—the one with the broad base of carbs at the bottom, and fats and sweets crowded into its tiny little top. That outmoded g […]

    • Such great tips thank you! Always looking for ways to reduce waste.

    • That is CRAZY that 15% of wasted food could feed 25 million people. That absolutely needs to be addressed and stopped NOW!

  • alysemb and Profile picture of Kechell JacksonKechell Jackson are now friends 1 month ago

  • Earth Day is just around the corner, and it has us thinking about how to reduce our impact on the environment and keep our planet healthy—after all, we spend so much time and effort working on our own health, a […]

    • Thank you, I’m always looking for ways to reduce waste and have a greener kitchen (and home!).

    • These ideas are AWESOME! I need to get that bump it off sponge replacement asap!

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