Couch to 5K, Day 2!

I ran this one on the misery machine again, again because of uncooperative weather. Running-wise, today was better,  in part because there were fewer finger fumbles now that I knew how to work the machine. I also just felt stronger, or at least more acclimated to running. (Yes, I still only ran for a total of eight minutes. Small change to some, a big change for me). I again affirmed that I need to invest in some better shoes. The only thing that made me and my shins feel better about running in street shoes was seeing the woman on the elliptical in her flip-flops. Props to her for sweating it out anyway–but she could definitely benefit from some fit-packing strategies.

Because I felt so good today, I’m tempted to skip ahead to week two a day early. Truth be told, the idea of listening to the same podcast for the third time makes my brain start coming up with excuses not to go. But I want to follow this program, and I’ll find some variety by doing this next run outside, with my overweight pup, in California.


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