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After this morning’s post, and an email that went out inviting people to apply for the Myobuddy affiliate program, I heard the same questions from a lot of influencers in the community that applies to just about any affiliate program with a high-priced product:

How do I promote a product I haven’t tried? 

It’s a great question, and often, the answer is that you don’t want to promote a product you haven’t personally experienced. That said, there are a ton of precedents out there: fashion bloggers (among other types of bloggers!) do this all the time, where they show off an outfit or piece, and then suggest similar products or items. Typically they haven’t tried all the clothing or accessories they suggest, and their readers understand and expect that.

Besides, there are plenty of creative ways around this conundrum. Full disclosure: I haven’t tried the Myobuddy Pro Massager myself, but enough people I trust (all #sweatpink sisters!) rave about it that I feel comfortable recommending it to others. Here are a sampling of rave reviews:


Get creative with content angles

Not all product recommendations have to be straight product reviews. For higher-priced products, you could create wish list or preview content. For example, I can imagine writing articles with titles like these ones:

  • My Recovery Tools Wish List
  • Brands I can’t wait to meet at BlogFest
  • How to get massage therapy without breaking the bank

These are just the first three titles that popped into my head, but I would feel 100% comfortable and authentic writing any of those even without having tried the product(s) included.

Be honest

As always, honesty is the best policy. Tell your audience up front that you personally haven’t experienced the product, but that you’ve read reviews from people you trust who love it, and that’s enough for you to add it to your wish list or to suggest it as a potential recovery tool.


Or ask your audience if they’ve tried any of the products you’re discussing, and get their input and advice.

Find a creative way to experience the product

There is usually a way to experience a product if you get creative. In Myobuddy’s case, many gyms, chiropractors, and other wellness providers sell the massagers as retail items, and usually have a test unit. (Myobuddy even has a no-risk reseller program if you want to go that route). Brands are often at trade shows or other industry events, and those provide excellent opportunities to test out products you’re interested in. You might also have a friend or colleague who would be willing to let you try it out.

For my part, you bet I’ll be snagging some time with Jamie’s Myobuddy the next time I visit her in Portland. And I bet if I asked Jennifer from The Fit Fork, she’d be willing to let me borrow her massager for a test run, since we’re in the same city. 😉

Lastly, if you do want to experience the product yourself—for affiliate purposes or just because you want a professional grade massage on demand whenever wherever, Myobuddy is offering a one-time only Sweat Pink Professional Discount:

$150 OFF + Free Shipping + No Tax. Enter code: SWEATPINK150

Other ideas? Please share in the comments! 🙂 

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Myobuddy is a partner of ours, but this post is not sponsored, just created in response to community questions. 🙂 

Recommended2 recommendationsPublished in Business Bootcamp, Influencer Resource

Recommended2 recommendationsPublished in Business Bootcamp, Influencer Resource


  1. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson

    These ideas are great! I love the wish list. And I love the Myobuddy. I don’t have one either, but I use Jamie King Fit’s and love it!

  2. Autumn

    This is SO helpful. I often wonder/stumble trying to figure out how to do affiliate marketing as authentically as I can. This is all spot on.

  3. De Bolton

    Never thought of sharing who I want to work with; great tips on story telling. Thanks

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