The Cyber Monday fitness deals you won’t want to miss

‘Tis the season… for gift guides galore! In the spirit of keeping things simple on this Cyber Monday, we’ve put together a HIGHLY EDITED gift guide for your fitness-loving friends. You could even send this post to someone as a not-so-subtle hint about what you’d like to unwrap this year.

All three items on this list (yes, we kept it to just three, #yourewelcome) are deeply discounted and brands that rarely, if ever, go on sale. So take note, get the last of your shopping done, and spend the rest of December not going to the mall. You’re welcome again. 😉

To wear: Joules Athletics

It’s always a gamble trying out new athletic apparel brands, especially if you’re the kind of person who knows what she likes. There’s nothing more frustrating than a wardrobe malfunction when you’re on a long run or trying to get into a new inversion in your vinyasa class.

This month, we went on a quest to find new and affordable fitness gear, and we’re ready to stop our search at the American-made brand, Joules Athletics.

Nic describes the Tish Tank and Felicia leggings as “buttery soft.”

From pants that fit like a glove to clothing material so soft you want to live in it – their styles that are flattering and functional and can easily go from your toughest workout to your coffee date.

Photo: @fit.fab.forever

We’ve thoroughly vetted Joules Athletics for you—especially the Stacy vest, which looks good on EVERYONE—and we give them a thumbs up. They’re super soft and flattering on all body types, plus, the price point is on point.

Here’s Autumn from @awholestory in the Stacy vest. Photo: A Whole Story

Shocker: Jen from Running with the Girls also looks cute in the Stacy Vest. Photo: Running with the Girls

Of the Analise Jacket, Autumn from A Whole Story says, “This sweatshirt is thick and cozy beyond understanding. I’ve been living in [it] for the past few weeks and it’s just becoming more and more my favorite.”

Photo: A Whole Story

Nicole from Fitful Focus raves, “their Black Felicia Leggings (most comfortable leggings on earth), Hartman Tank (fits like a glove) and Stacy Vest (cutest!). Not only is their gear well made, it’s well priced! This whole outfit would run you $108. That’s about the price of one pair of leggings at Lulu!”

Do we spy… the Stacy vest again?! Photo: Fitful Focus

It doesn’t hurt that Joules Athletics is a woman-owned company, in Houston no less, so you get the extra feel-goods from supporting a woman entrepreneur and a city that just weathered a major natural disaster.

Save 25% today only with code cybersweatpink

To recover: Myobuddy Massager

Let’s make this crystal clear: the Myobuddy personal massager is not your junky drugstore massage tool. This is a professional grade, athlete-approved, recovery tool that helps you:

  • Soothe sore muscles & ease Myofascial pain
  • Treat trigger points & everyday aches and pains
  • Warm muscles pre-workout and recover faster from workouts
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia

myobuddy personal massager

Uploaded by Alyse Mason Brill on 2017-11-27.

If that’s not a power tool, I don’t know what is. The Myobuddy is earning rave reviews from the #sweatpink community. Jennifer from The Fit Fork says, “MyoBuddy Pro is now the go-to “power” tool in my recovery toolbox.”

Genevieve from Fitty Foodlicious says, “I seriously do not know how I lived life before this little powerhouse and I’m so glad they invited me to try one through Fit Approach because now I’m set for life.”

And Nicole from Foodie Loves Fitness says, “I’m even trying to make it a daily habit to use the massager for just a couple of minutes pre/post workout, and I absolutely love that it uses warming technology. I really feel like Myobuddy is helping me to recover smarter.”

The Myobuddy is not cheap ($299 after the discount below) but if you think about how much a professional massage costs, and how you could treat yourself to one (or more!) of those every single day, the investment starts to make a lot of sense. Especially if you’re the kind of person who pushes their body to the limits (and beyond) and finds relief and recovery in regular bodywork.

The Myobuddy almost never goes on sale, so grab this while you can: save $100 with code SPFFF.

To Workout: Gixo Subscription

You’ve heard us all raving about how much we love Gixo. It brings together the convenience of an app with the motivation and solidarity of an in-person group class. It’s the perfect way to give someone you love a boost, to help them feel stronger, find new ways to cross train and stay fit despite their busy schedule. I may be showing my bias here, but I also think it’s ideal for new moms who are trying to reclaim their bodies while their schedule is still dictated by their new baby’s needs. For a limited time, you can give the gift of a full year for 30% off and help someone in your life feel stronger, and more inspired.

In partnership with Joules Athletics, Myobuddy, and Gixo. 

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fashion, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fashion, Fitness


  1. Nicci Randall
    Nicci Randall

    All I want to do this holiday season is wear these buttery clothes from Joules and massage away….#goals!

  2. Autumn

    Gah, SO many good deals! And seriously, never taking off these leggings.

  3. Jamie King
    Jamie King

    YES to massage and new buttery clothes…all I need right now. New clothes and massage….yes yes yes.

  4. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson

    YES to buttery soft leggings. YES to at-home anytime-I-want massages and sweat sessions. YAAAASSS!

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