Fitness A-ha, Taboo topics and why I am what I am today

There once was a street named after Chuck Norris but they renamed it. No one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.

Now that we have broken the ice and I have taken some deep breaths, I will share with you my fitness a-ha moment. I don't normally share this because my boss finds me everywhere online and this is private so I really don't speak about this much, but hey, new community... i am not embarrassed by my past and certainly not embarrassed to tell you the real reasons I got into fitness. The title of this really says it all.

I came from a good family and excellent parents who wanted nothing but the best for me. I went to college. I graduated (2005) and I got a job completely unrelated to my major. I went about my day to day, but was in with a not so awesome crowd that introduced me to some very negative substances. I quickly developed a bit of a problem (taboo) and 6 years later, I had to get myself some help (more taboo). When I finally got a grip on my life, it was January of 2009. I decided I was throwing away my life and squandering opportunities. I really wanted to get it together and stop. My two best friends were no longer in my life. My mother was the only one in my family who would speak to me with any kind of positive and supportive emotion and I had nothing to lose at this point because I had already lost it all.

So, what did I do? I grabbed my head, pulled it out of my butt and told myself I was going to stop waking up miserable. My dad had always told me this story about how he would wake up and be miserable and one day he woke up and decided he wasnt going to be miserable anymore. I have always remembered this story and I made this was my game plan also (totally easier said then done). I started to spin my negative in to positive, telling myself it could always be worse and that someone always had it worse than me. I started to exercise on one of the elliptical machines and eat a little healthier. I dropped a couple of pounds, decided to stop being a wuss, and set myself a path I would follow every morning. I got up at 530 to run 3 miles (outside!) and I started feeling better mentally and physically. (Side note: The large mental barrier of running outside had to be broken for me because in high school I was on CC team to stay in shape for soccer and I totally sucked at it. Had to overcome the fear of sucking, be like nike and just do it.... for me.)

So I could go on about how after that, I met an amazing man and we got married 2 years later and how I am no starting to race again, but I won't bore you with those details. You can head over to my blog and check the life after death stuff out ( or follow me on twitter (@onelittlebecca). I will forewarn you that I do not discuss this moment on my blog, as my problems that I overcome are not my coworkers' business and knowing that they read my blog, I just don't discuss it. I have been through some tough stuff, I have seen a lot, and I came out shaped into a better and more understanding individual.

My a-ha moment was something that stays in my head every hour of every day and continues to be in my head when I hang out with my friends and even when I have one or two beers (because I have to watch myself and make sure I dont cross my limit). But when I get out on that pavement, I realize that I replaced the bad with the good, let the stigma fall away and just do my thang.

Thanks for welcoming me into this group. I feel so blessed! My husband and I are so happy! My family and friends are great support for everything and I hope to talk with all of you soon! To end on a happy note, go run, sweatpink and have pie!

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