I drank only sparkling water for a week. Here’s what happened

Today is the last day of the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Challenge, which means I’ve only had sparkling water—no other beverages—all week long.

For someone who loves her coffee & wine, this was a really big deal. Here’s what happened to me this week:


Oy, my first morning without coffee. I totally sidestepped that restriction though by adding cold brew into my smoothie—which is considered a food for the sake of the challenge. Going without coffee is just not an option for me! This might technically be cheating (?) but I decided that this was a necessary bridge for me into the challenge, to avoid severe crankiness and headaches.

I met a friend nice and early for a run, (woot, mornings!).

Then came home and guzzled the rest of my cold-brew laced smoothie. I settled down to work with a bottle of Gerolsteiner at my side and happily sipped on sparkling.


Tuesday was jam-packed with meetings. I had calls all morning, and after all that sitting (okay, actually I was pacing for a lot of it), I needed a few minutes to chill out. Enter The Beam and Aftershokz.

I zoned out for a few minutes listening to this podcast featuring a friend of mine.

I also made it to a dance class (woot!) and I swear all those bubbles I’ve been drinking helped me jump higher. 🙂


Wednesday was a nice quiet day; I worked, took the dog out at lunch, and then met up with a friend for a bike ride.

 I really felt myself settling into the habit of reaching for a bottle of Gerolsteiner whenever I was thirsty or in need of a pick me up. I’m missing the coffee for sure, but I’m surviving, and I feel way better hydrated than I ever have before. (Well, maybe since last year’s Sparkling Detox challenge!).


Thursday was the real test of my mettle.

I met up with friends for happy hour, and said no thanks to one of my favorite beverages: a nice salty, tangy margarita.

I did, however, say YES to chips and queso.



And here we are at today. At this point, I’m feeling really on track with this detox. I feel more awake, more alive, and definitely better hydrated than normal. As much as I love my wine and margaritas, I have to say, taking a break from them has me loaded with energy… and will probably make my favorite indulgences taste even better next week!

Stay bubbly, my friends.Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Challenges, Food

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Challenges, Food


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