Giveaway! 3 Hot Pink ActivMotion Bars!

BIG, exciting news, sweaty friends: we are so pumped to get to give away not one, not two, but THREE, hot pink ActivMotion Bars (value: $99 each).


The hot pink color is a special edition—brand spanking new and in limited availability— so we are feeling pretty darn special that we get three of them to share with the community.

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If you haven’t used an ActivMotion Bar before, get ready for some super effective functional training. These hollow bars are partially filled with weighted ball bearings that shift smoothly within. The shifting mass forces you to activate muscles of the core nearly twice as much as conventional weights.

In other words, helloooo core work.

Check out some of the exercises you can do with ActivMotion Bars, courtesy of Jamie:

A yoga sequence

A strength series


ActivMotion Bar just launched IGNITE, their at-home workout program, so you no longer need to find a studio that specializes in ActivMotion Bar training to experience this incredible workout.

We know, we know: you didn’t need convincing. On to the giveaway part!

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Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Head over to ActivMotion Bar’s IndieGoGo campaign
  2. Sign in (you can sign in with Facebook, super easy)
  3. Use the built-in share buttons to share, share, share. Signing in means you’re sharing a custom referral link – crucial for winning prizes. See below! 

Use these share buttons after you sign in!

How you can win: 

  • We’re giving out two hot pink bars for the first two people to refer 3 people to the campaign (tracked via your custom referral link – so make sure to sign in before you start sharing!).
  • 1 hot pink bar given out randomly to an active sharer. To be entered, use the built-in share buttons on the campaign page (recommended; sign in first!), and/or share using the tags @activmotionbar #ignite #sweatpink

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This post is sponsored by ActivMotion Bar. All opinions are our own; we are so excited to share this amazing giveaway with you, and so appreciate your support of the brands who support the #sweatpink community! 

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Giveaways

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, Giveaways


  1. Debbie Woodruff
    Debbie Woodruff

    I love the ActivMotion Bar! Saw them at IDEA and I’ve been using it with my clients and classes. I can’t find the share buttons though, except a Facebook one that doesn’t have any kind of referral link. I did sign in. Am I just blind?

    1. Alyse Mason
      Alyse Mason Post author

      Hooray, Debbie, so glad you’re already using them! You definitely need a hot pink one. 😉 If you use the Facebook share button, it tracks your share (as long as you’re signed in to IndieGoGo). You can always just use your custom link if you prefer, though!

  2. Jessica

    This is AWESOME! I’ve always wanted to try ActivMotion Bars. And that color. Swoon.

  3. Lucy

    Yippee! looks great! Do we get an entry for commenting on this post, too?

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