How to have it both ways on your run

After three years of marriage, it’s become very clear to me that my husband and I will likely always have glaringly different morning routines. Whereas he spends a good deal of the morning in the bathroom (and wakes up early enough to have that time), my preferred style is get up and go. I’m in and out of the bathroom in under 5 minutes – brushing my teeth while attempting to put my socks on, scrambling out the door with my coffee in hand and somewhat half-dressed. When I make it into the studio with my shirt on the right way (aka not inside out), it’s always a little victory in my day. I imagine my husband leaves the house with ample time to spare. He never has to question whether he has both socks on when he gets to work. Goals. While our morning routines are very different, we do share one routine in common: we always have our AfterShokz headphones on.


All the daily essentials.

He loves his AfterShokz because he can listen to his podcasts in the morning before work. Whether he’s shaving, putting shoes on, or watering the plants, he can keep listening without getting tangled in cords and still hear me yelling “bye!” as I scramble out the door.


My morning routine: AfterShokz + Coffee

I typically throw on my AfterShokz first thing in the morning to wake up with a little music. This gets my brain functioning and ready to teach an early morning yoga class. Or, when I’m lucky, go for an early morning run.


They take me from my mad dash out of the house, to my bike commute. Then, as soon as I’m finished teaching, they’re back on in time for morning calls. And they stay on for afternoon podcasts while I take Abbie out to the park or catch some mid-day miles.


Staying super safe on the trails with my Who Am I ? ID and AfterShokz!

Over the Afternoon Hump: AfterShokz + Run

AfterShokz are as “must-have” as my cell phone. They are not only wireless and stay on through every activity throughout the day, but they are also a safe choice for listening to music or podcasts, even if you’re on-the-go. I love that I can safely wear headphones while running or on my bike commute. AfterShokz uses bone conduction technology, meaning they don’t go inside your ears. So you can hear your music (or podcasts) and still hear your surroundings.


And since we’ve been talking safety all month long in honor of National Safety Month, we’re giving our lucky readers all a chance to win a pair of AfterShok Trekz Titanium headphones.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Giveaway

Don’t want to wait to see if you’re the lucky winner? You can also purchase your own AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones and for a limited time, you’ll receive an AfterShokz water bottle with your purchase.

[Tweet “Get sweaty and stay safe with @AfterShokz! Win a pair NOW! #beopen #sweatpink #runsafe #keeprunningwild”]

For the love of still being to hear your friends while listening to music on a group run!

#BeOpen and stay sweaty out there friends!



A huge thank you to Aftershokz for sponsoring this post! We’re huge fans of the product and thrilled to be partnering with them again – as always all opinions are my own. And thank YOU, readers, for your support. It is so appreciated! 

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness


  1. Katy

    I love anything pop when I am running, more country when I am waking up. I would love to win a set of these, since I am training for my first 5K and only have a terrible pair of apple ear buds!

    1. Jamie King
      Jamie King Post author

      i hear you on those terrible Apple earbuds – they never stay in my ears and make me nuts – I’m rooting for you to win!

  2. Kate Sydney

    Oh my word! I never realized this is what ya’ll work mentioning in your previous posts on Instagram and Facebook. I have been fantasizing about headphones like these forever! Might have to splurge my friend! Thanks for the post…don’t know how I just got around to seeing this.

    1. Jamie King
      Jamie King Post author

      Oh girl, you’re going to LOVE them! They are seriously the BEST!!!

  3. Jamie King
    Jamie King Post author

    I LOVE my AfterShokz – best headphones hands down – game changers!

  4. LinzRuns

    I have had many tmj/ear surgeries and have trouble finding comfortable headphones…these are intriguing! Wonder if they would work for me?

    1. Jamie King
      Jamie King Post author

      They would probably work well for you as they don’t go inside your ears at all – they actually lie on your cheekbones and the sound comes through bone conduction technology versus through your ears! 🙂

  5. Erica

    Omgee yaaaaas please!! I’ve been wanting to go wireless & have had no idea which headphones to try. AND THEYRE PINK

  6. Rosemary

    This sounds amazing! I don’t listen to music bc I need to be aware of my surrounding! Love this product!

  7. Nicole

    I’ve been eyeing these! Whenever y’all post about them, I always click the links and study the description and reviews but I don’t pull the trigger on buying them – just yet. I am curious if they would help with my TMJ problem, too. Finding in-ear buds with good sound that don’t aggravate the discomfort of the TMJ as it is has been hard to do. Maybe I need to give these a try, I’ve just worried about whether or not they squeeze your head … like a headband … or move around much when you run.

    1. Jamie King
      Jamie King Post author

      They’re so great, Nicole, I seriously can’t imagine life without them anymore

  8. Emma Morgan

    I love running to tunes while on the road, it gives me a much needed boost at times. After completing my first half marathon this spring and running with Flex and Flow run club I’m super keen to keep putting the miles down safely.

    1. Jamie King
      Jamie King Post author

      You’re definitely putting those miles down, you’re rockin’ your runs girl

  9. Adrienne

    I’m very interested in these, I love my wireless, but I like the idea that they don’t go in the ear, plus they are pink!

  10. Abigail

    My husband loves these I’ve been wanting a pair of my own!

  11. Tiffany

    Love the content you are sharing these days. With my new job these head phones would really come in handy!

  12. Megan

    While I love my Yur Buds, I have really been annoyed lately with the long cord. I feel behind the times running with cords flying everywhere rather than wireless! In fact on my last marathon I dropped my phone twice while trying to tuck away the headphone cords!

  13. Tracy Richardson

    Awesome giveaway! And 💕 the pink pair.

  14. Samantha C

    The rare time I do listen to music, it’s upbeat pop music. I figure training for Dopey, that I’m going to need some music on those long runs which is why I would love to try these.

  15. Christiana

    I have always struggled with finding ear buds or headphones that fit me!:( I need music wherever I go, run, walk the dog, at work, at home, in the car, so good headphones are a must! My dog chewed my skull candies (they went around my ears)so I am always looking for a pair that stays on/in! This is a great post Jamie!!

  16. Nicci Randall
    Nicci Randall

    Everyone and their mother needs these headphones. I won’t go anywhere without them either!!

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  18. Cjrob17

    Favourite song to wake upto would be Feel Invincible by Skillet, had a tough life for multiple reasons and it always gives me a mental boost each morning to kick the days a**

    And I would love to win these as I am starting a DDP Yoga Program journey and think these would be a great assest for my music and peace.

  19. Rebecca Solomon-smith

    Would so love a pair of these. Would make my life so much better!

  20. Melissa Gula-Wyszynski

    Okay…you’ve got my attention…now to do some research about these. My daughter wears a hearing aid and if these don’t go into the ear canal they’d be perfect for her! Thanks!

  21. Kimberlee

    I’m really intrigued by these and every time I’m out for a walk/jog I think about how these would work better than my corded earbuds. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Steve Weber

    I love to wake up to 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley – I’d love to win these so I could do something while I’m walking my dog.

  23. The Accidental Marathoner

    These seem like the perfect solution for me! I stopped running with music a few years ago for safety reason (I was alone and was approached on a trail by someone who was clearly NOT just looking to wish me a good day). I’ve really missed my music, especially on my long runs. I love that these would allow the user to hear and be more aware of his/her surroundings. Thanks so much for your unbiased review!

  24. Erin Hibshman

    Ooh, these look amazing!! I struggle to find earbuds that stay and don’t slip out. This looks like something that would solve that issue AND have great sound quality!

  25. Kathy McElhaney

    My wake-up song is “Good Morning” by Mandisa. I love the idea of not having something stuck inside my ears – humid Hawaii runs make for slippery ear buds!

  26. Liz

    These look amazing! I’d love to be able to safely listen to music on the run.

  27. Rebecca James

    I love the Another Mother Runner podcast! I need some Bluetooth headphones that stay put. I would love to try these!!

  28. Jennifer Spangler

    I would love to try a pair!

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  30. Megan

    Lately, I’ve had that Riptide song in my head when I wake up. I just love the music in it! I’d LOVE to win because 1) I always have my earbuds in and am always catching my hand in the wires, pulling said earbuds from my ears! and 2) I’ve never tried bluetooth/wireless headphones 🙂

  31. Karen Bayne

    I have a pair and I am in love with them!!! Mine are just starting to show some wear and tear – a new pair would be awesome 🙂
    The are the comfiest I’ve ever worn.

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  34. Colleen

    All things Hamilton for songs. I would love to win these cause I’m fed up with sweat in my ears while running.

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  36. KellyM

    I totally agree about running with earbuds in my ears. It makes me so nervous. I do have a wireless headset but am really intrigued by the concept of these Aftershok Trekz Titanium headphones.
    My favourite song to wake up to (it’s my alarm clock) is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

  37. Rebecca

    These sound great! I run with only one earbud, but it would be awesome not to deal with slippage and to have music in both ears while still being able to hear the world around me!

  38. Hannah Adamson

    I have heard so many awesome things about these headphones. It would be nice to be able to listen to podcasts around the house but still be able to hear my kids’ requests for food. 😉

  39. Kim K.

    Hm, I like listening to Renegades in the morning. I have been looking for new wireless headphones to run with! The battery life on mine is horrible!

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  41. Julie Anderson

    I usually listen to SiriusXM Volume first thing in the morning. Podcasts later in the day.

  42. Veronica Deal

    Headphones are ALWAYS needed with me

  43. Toni Fritz

    I would love a set of Aftershokz headphones! I love to listen to music when I run but need to hear my surroundings.

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