Hitting the trails again!

My last post made me realize how much I’ve come to love trail running. Sometimes I love running through the city; the people, cars, frantic energy can spur me on. Sometimes there’s nothing I love more than being surrounded by tall trees, green so bright it hurts my eyes, wildflowers, birds chirping, and no man-made sound other than me sucking wind.



Today I went back to Multnomah Falls. This was the hike/run I’d done on my first trip when I was scouting where to move, and it was what convinced me to move to Portland. It showed me that I could have an awesome “city” life, while being super close to ridiculously beautiful woods. Like Narnia-level of gorgeousness. I went back a couple of weeks ago with my roommate to hike the loop between Multnomah and Wahkeena Falls. I’d done a portion of this before, but had turned around not knowing it looped around. It’s a beautiful 6-miles that wanders past numerous waterfalls (more than the two it’s famous for), through stupendous moss-covered trees and fern-filled forests.





I hiked real real fast up the first incline to the top of the falls, hiked/ran the rest of the incline behind the falls (amazing how something doesn’t really feel like an incline until you’re running it, right?!), and ran the rest of the flat and downhill. It was a gorgeous PNW day: kinda rainy/misty, fog floating about through the woods, sun peeking out right as I finished up. The sun felt like a reward all for me! Thanks universe!



There’s no part of this trail that isn’t breathtaking. Not only are there the big name waterfalls at the beginning and end, but along the incline and decline are tons of other waterfalls. Then there’s the gorgeous forest in-between… Amazing! Almost takes your mind off the calf-burning uphill part. Almost.



So excited to have been back out running on the trails today! Even though it was kind of rainy and slippery, and I felt out of shape, it was exactly the lunch break I needed. Can’t wait to get back out there ASAP!

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