How to make the perfect holiday tablescape

Twinkle lights, pine trees, gold sparkle everywhere… Nothing sets the festive holiday mood quite like decorations!

Tree ornaments and wreathes aside, we all know the life of the party is around the food! The picture of the holidays is a table full of delicious food and drink with family and friends all around.

We’ve already talked about some of those delicious food options that can grace our tables:

Now that the food is all covered, it’s time to dress the table!

When staring at an empty, everyday dining table, I can easily get overwhelmed with design possibilities. So I tapped one of my favorite blogging buddies that has an AMAZING eye for her tips and tricks for decorating for the holidays: Kusum at Sveeteskapes!

Adorable baby in a plaid onesie is definitely recommended for great holiday decorations! 😉

Kusum wanted to keep it simple and classy. She is sticking with a neutral color palette of white, gold, and rose gold with pops of red and lots of green throughout. Here are her steps to a gorgeous table:

  • Start with a nice table cloth or linen that you like!
  • Don’t be afraid to use real greenery! Kusum lined her table with fresh pines, interspersed with pine cones, and even topped each table setting with a quaint leaf-twig combo. (You can also get the fake stuff at Michael’s and other craft shops for cheap!)
  • Mix in holly berries to the greenery lining the table for pops of red!
  • Weave twinkle lights into the greenery, and place white and gold candles amidst the boughs as well. There’s never such a thing as too many candles! (And kudos to Kusum’s amazing blogger husband who ordered the twinkle lights for her!)
  • Kusum used a beautiful gold lantern with a red candle inside as her centerpiece, weaving the fresh pine around it. A great accent piece to the table that still fits the style organically.
  • Kusum kept things simple with her actual plate setting, layering a white dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl on top of each other.
  • Include thoughtful details. Kusum included in her table setting an adorable set of gold elephant salt and pepper shakers that we all were obsessed with! And topped her white stacked place setting with a white and gold napkin and real leaf to tie it all together.
  • Copper Moscow mule mugs at each seat! Such a festive detail and great pop of shine.

How amazing is her table!? She makes it look so effortless to put together, and yet it’s simply stunning. Not to mention the gorgeous accent wall painted by a local Seattle artist.

Another “classy AF” detail that Kusum included in her holiday planning was a bar cart. She and her husband are big wine drinkers, so they have a lovely collection of wine glasses (which of course include Kusum’s favored gold) and wine selection.

Who’s ready for a wine date??

The biggest thing I learned from Kusum is that decorating your table for a festive evening can be simple AND still effortlessly beautiful. So starting with a piece of the vision (like gold with accents of red) and have some fun with it!

Tune in to the video to walk through all of the details with Kusum!

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