How to give back

Giving back has always been a big topic of discussion in the fitness community: from fundraising for races and charities to donating services to those who may not have access to health and wellness, our community is one that always strives to help our world be a better, healthier place.

Today, we want to spotlight one of our community members who is giving back in a profound, literally life-changing way.

Tiffany from Thoroughly Thriving, a sweat pink sister who we've known for what feels like forever, is giving a big, huge, too-big-for-words gift to her cousin: later this month, she's donating part of her liver so that he can live.

The dotted red line represents the incision that will be made to remove part of Tiffany's liver. Photo: Thoroughly Thriving

We are so inspired by Tiffany's story, and her selflessness in going through major surgery and recovery. That's the ultimate gift.

Read Tiffany's story here, and support her and her family here

For those of us who are mere mortals, but who are also looking to give back and support our communities, here are a few ideas.

Participate in and fundraise for an endurance event

Many of our sweat pink sisters are joining the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, a 60 mile walk over three days to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Follow along with Bert’s adventures as she participates this weekend in Susan G Komen Twin Cities 3-day!

Photo: First Time Mom

Check out these training tips for endurance events. 

Turn your Amazon Prime habit into fundraising gold

One of our favorite ways to give back without even having to think about it, or add another line item to our budget, is to do our regular shopping (think groceries, gas, Amazon, and Starbucks) with ShopWithScrip. Through ShopWithScrip, you can buy gift cards to the places you shop at anyway, and organizations like Girls on the Run get a rebate from every purchase.

Fit Approach is currently fundraising for Girls on the Run via ShopWithScrip. Want to help out? Contact us to join the program. 

Donate your time and your voice

There is nothing more powerful than speaking up about causes you care about, and donating your time and energy to promoting those causes. You can make a difference. You never know who you might influence or touch just by speaking up, whether on social media, on your blog, or in person.



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