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  1. This seems really low based on the formula. I am currently at 13k and am making $300-500 per instagram post, $750 per blog post. $600 for videos, $350 for instagram takeovers etc. I think we should also consider the quality of your images as well as the consistency of your voting. I love that this post is encouraging people to price their skills too many influencers and bloggers are posting for free product and that makes it harder for those that are genuinely using our platforms to pay real bills etc. Think about the time and effort you put in and consider that as well when pricing yourself. Zine is a great tool to help you make a media kit if you do not already have one! Create a great week guys!

    • You ROCK the sponsored content, Brittany, thanks for sharing your rates! You absolutely earn those and more – your content is always so good. It’s so helpful and inspiring to see / hear what influencers are making, and see what you can accomplish by working hard and treating it like a business!

  2. This is so helpful, it’s a good way for influencers AND brands to think about how to price services and what to spend on campaigns. I think it is always about two things: quality of content + value – if you can deliver, you get paid more. If you can’t deliver, you won’t get paid more.

    Such great tips!


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