I had a moment in yoga

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Yoga is a beautiful thing...

I had a moment in yoga last night. It was strange, amazing and totally...unexpected. I have been trying really hard to get back into my practice but am still a long way from where I was a few months ago. I walked to class tonight - a good 1.5 miles through the sketchiest part of downtown - and arrived early. And for those that know me well, probably know that I am almost NEVER early. Right on time -- maybe. A little late -- probably. Early -- NEVER.

Getting there early allowed me to stake out a good spot and do a little pre class stretching and socializing. I even ended up making a new friend who I am excited to yoga it up with again soon. Once class started, I felt so relaxed and present. I had been disconnected from my electronics for a solid 15-20 minutes prior to the start of class and was already totally focused. But for me, it was focus in a very different way.

You see...I didn't totally understand this until tonight...

But I'm usually the girl in class who is pushing, "efforting through class" (as my yoga instructor at yoga school once told me), challenging myself, striving for...??? Striving for, I don't know. Something. Perfection, maybe. I never understood what anyone meant by "efforting through class" or understood why they would think I was doing that. I just figured I was doing yoga like everybody else.

Tonight, was different. I approached class with a different attitude. I didn't feel like I would be the best or could be the best or should be the best. I was just there to practice. I'm not sure what caused the attitude shift - whether it was taking a few too many weeks off or just generally feeling out of shape - but I'm so glad it happened. For the first time ever, while we were moving and flowing, I realized a huge difference in my practice. A real difference. Not just some on the surface deeper expression of a posture (like kicking my leg straighter) but something truly deep. I was really listening to my body, my breathing and getting lost in nothing but the yoga. I didn't have anything else on my brain. I had no ego. I had no expectation. I just wanted to practice yoga. And it was the best practice of my life.

While we were lying in Savasana, I suddenly realized I had tears coming out of my eyes. As corny as that sounds and as much as it pains me to share this publicly, it's the truth. I was literally laying there in my pile of sweat with tears of bliss streaming down my face. I have never felt better. I have never felt more connected or happy or loved. Or...good. I felt really good.

Jamie King

Jamie King

Lifelong athlete, Jamie King loves helping others embrace their inner athlete and find joy in movement, sweat and community. As an avid yogi, competitive ultra runner, snowboarder and former tennis player, Jamie is no stranger to a good sweat session or tough workout. She believes in challenging herself and others to be the best they can be and building people up through community, movement, laughter and friendship. Jamie developed the Flex & Flow HIIT Yoga workout to provide people with an efficient and fun way to get heart rates up, blood pumping and energy flowing. She is also the founder of the Fit Approach community, a popular online fitness community where bloggers, brands and fitness enthusiasts come together over their love for sweat and their #sweatpink lifestyle and the CEO and founder of SweatGuru, an online platform that helps people find and book the best fitness classes in their area and helps fitness professionals seamlessly manage and grow their business and the owner of Flex & Flow, a fitness and yoga studio in Portland, OR where she resides. When she’s not dripping with sweat, you can usually find her snuggling or playing ball with Abbie, her vizsla puppy or exploring all of the great restaurants, and beautiful outdoors in the PNW.


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