#IAmEmpowered for 2017

I am strong. I am fit. I am capable. I am powerful. I. Am. Empowered.

After what seems to have been a crazy 2016 for everyone, we’ve decided to kick 2017 off with a bang! No New Year’s Day resolutions that get lost in a sea of champagne, snow, and eggnog. We’re setting a theme for the year, a theme that’s going to go the distance for 4 seasons, 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days!

This year we’re focusing on empowerment! On reveling in our strength and getting even stronger. Surrounding ourselves with people that inspire and motivate us. Celebrating our differences, and realizing the power in that.

The beautiful part of a yearly theme? Even on non-challenge days, allow #IAmEmpowered to fuel, inspire, and motivate you! Try something new, get your sweat on all the time, write blog posts galore, hashtag the s*** out of it. Use the plug-in on the website to overlay the custom logo over your #IAmEmpowered pictures. Install the Empowered badge on your blog. Let us, your followers, and the world know that you are part of this empowered movement!

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To kick off #IAmEmpowered 2017, join Fit Approach for a 30-day challenge for the month of January, including partnering up with Hedstrom Fitness and Eggland’s Best for two weeks! We’re going to sweat and motivate our way through the cold, dark January days together.

Let’s check out the month’s line-up:

  • January 1 – January 8: Sweat Pink Community Kick Off!
  • January 9 – January 14: #EBGoals2017 with Eggland’s Best
  • January 16 – January 20: #BuildYourBestBody with Hedstrom Fitness
  • January 21 – January 31: 10 Days of HIIT Yoga with Flex & Flow

How ya feelin’, sweaties? Amped?! If you’re feeling inspired and don’t want to wait until Jan 1 to share you empowerment, go ahead and get going! Start hashtagging. Ambassadors, share your story, vacation tales, 2017 goals, holiday recipes on the Fit Approach blog! Let’s band together, build each other up, and get empowered for 2017!

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Challenges, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Challenges, Fitness


  1. Erica Friedman

    Love this idea! I am empowered to be the best I can be in 2017. The year is going to be the best yet.

  2. Carleeh

    Count me in! You know I love to share EMPOWERMENT with women! Can’t wait to start out my year with my favorite ladies #squadgoals so hard!!

  3. Haley Shaw
    Haley Shaw

    Cannot wait for 2017! Going to be a great year filled with dedication, love, and empowering one another! Woohoo!

  4. Nicci Randall
    Nicci Randall

    SO EXCITED! Love that it’s non-stop empowerment all year long! Can’t wait to start this year so strong and so empowered with all the #sweatpink lovelies!

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  6. Lauren Keating

    Love this! I am empowered to start training for my first half marathon of 2017!

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