Jamie Walker

Photo: Victoria Davis

As co-founder and president, Jamie drives the vision and strategy for Fit Approach. She is dedicated to helping others achieve their own fitness goals and healthier lifestyles. Jamie’s athletic pursuits include tennis, cycling, snowboarding, swimming, dancing, and running. A competitive ultra-marathon runner, Jamie has won Ohlone, Dick Collins, Chimera, Cinderella, and Skyline to Sea ultra marathons. She also placed first overall at the Solana Beach triathlon.

For the last four years, Jamie has also trained and taught bootcamp classes, helping her students lose weight, gain strength, increase flexibility and endurance, and develop healthy habits. She has also developed healthy meal plans for her bootcamp clients and regularly does kitchen makeovers to help her clients achieve their nutritional goals.

Jamie has been practicing yoga for over 11 years.  As a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, she shares her love for athletic, challenging yoga with her students.

She graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from University of California, Berkeley, and completed her 7 year corporate career in PR and marketing to create Fit Approach.

Jamie is an experienced spokesperson, group instructor, and presenter. Contact her for booking information. 

Alyse Mason

Alyse Mason

I love yoga, dance, and queso! I'm an aspiring aerialist and a perpetually newbie runner.

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