Like you needed another excuse to go run today

Like you needed another excuse to run today…..

Did you know that it’s Global Running Day? Well, you do now. If you’re planning on celebrating with some miles, tell us how (are you hitting the trails, pavement, treadmill…?) and of course how far you went?

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While we love a good excuse to celebrate – like ahem, national taco day or perhaps national coffee day – there’s nothing we love more than having an excuse to celebrate getting in some miles with our favorite community (that’s you – duh!).

Join the Sweat Pink team today for a big, sweaty virtual run date and whether you’re hitting the trails, pounding the pavement, or even the treadmill, we have all the best tips, gear, and advice for you to stay SAFE along the way!

When we focus on safety, we’re able to run harder, faster, and farther. Take a look at what keeps our team safe while running:


 As an avid trail runner, I prefer to have an abundance of trees rather than people in my path; I love to listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the trails, just me and my dog. I also like to feel safe and secure while I’m out running through the trees which is why I love WearSafe, it’s a wearable personal safety device that makes it easy for me to call for help, anywhere, anytime if the need should arise. I just clip it to my shorts and go – giving myself and my loved ones peace of mind.  

WearSafe runner safety

And because I love to run alone, I’m also always equipped with my Who Am I ID tag and LED ID bracelet. I usually wear it around my ankle or high up on my arm as it’s comfortable and out of the way. It contains my personal info in case of an emergency and also lights up so that I can more easily be seen!

Who Am I iD


As the genius that I am, I decided to finally commit to running just as summer was ramping up in Austin. Getting up at 5am for run group doesn’t beat the heat; it just means it’s slightly less humid.

#WhatWasIThinking? With all this time I’m spending in the sun, I needed serious sun protection that is humidity and sweat proof. Because, woah, all the sweat. I just discovered—and am already swooning over—this PROTECT ME moisturizer with SPF from FRÉ Skincare. (I’m actually using the whole line – more on that later!) It feels like a light moisturizer going on, and then, miracle upon miracles, doesn’t bleed burning trickles of despair into my eyes while I’m sweating.

For double protection, I’ll top it with Sweat Cosmetics mineral powder. And that’s how I keep my high-risk-of-developing-skin-cancer mug safe during all my outdoor adventures!


Running is extremely important for my emotional and physical well-being. Living in a bustling city with traffic, ambulances, chatty neighbors, and plenty of runners (who are faster than me), being able to hear my surrounding noises is very important. That’s why Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone-conductive headphones are my best friend and favorite running gear. Not only can I listen to my music or podcasts and pay attention to my running bud, @hollythepupster, but I can also be aware of my surroundings and ensure a safe environment while running miles in the Mile High City!


There’s no high like the running high! I’ve always loved to run, and am running now more than ever! The thing I’ve learned in my years of running is that the more you run, the more you need to take care of yourself. I tend to run by myself, so I need to be even more prepared. Hydration, heightened awareness, packing “just in case” supplies, you name it!

I love running around the city with music. It helps me tune out obnoxious city noise. But I hate the wires of my earbuds! I tend to layer clothes when I run, always have a handheld water bottle, am wearing a pack when run commuting, and stop to bust a yoga pose or do some bootcamp moves along the way. Having one more thing, headphone wires, to deal with is so frustrating and time consuming. Enter Volume Maker RunBud headphones! They’re Bluetooth, wireless, and sweat proof, giving me way less distractions and annoyances while out sweating so I can focus on my run.

I grew up in the mountains and have always loved hiking. In the last few years that has morphed into a great love of trail running. It’s so important when out in the woods, especially alone, to let someone know where you are and to wear bright colors. My friends and family feel way better when I head out to the trails with WearSafe and my Who Am I? ID band. WearSafe is a personal safety device called a Tag that pairs with an app on your phone, making calling for help when you need it as easy as possible. My Who Am I? band is my go-to running accessory right now; actually, I try to make sure I have it anytime I leave my house! It contains my essential contact information in case of an emergency on a waterproof strip, and is a bright neon color for daytime visibility and has LED technology and reflective qualities for night.


 I feel like I could talk for days about ways I #RunSafe – I can’t emphasize it to everyone around me enough. We’ve got to take the right measures to fuel, train, and gear up so we can  #keeprunningwild! I love to run in groups and solo depending on if I feel like being social or if I need some personal time to relieve stress. I recently re-read the Running While Female article from Runner’s World and while I hate that women need to be extra careful when running alone, it is by no means a reason to stop, and we will not stop! That’s why I’m gearing up with the right tools like WearSafe – the perfect way to stay in touch with friends and family when you’re out on a solo run. It’s non-obtrusive and it gives you peace of mind knowing help is a click away if necessary. Taking simple measures like clipping WearSafe to your top is so easy and so worth it! The worried Jewish mother in me is saying, “Y’all need to be taking your WearSafe on all of your runs!”

And speaking of female runners, gear, and run safe, I’m pumped SKINS has combined those ideas into their Starlight Compression Pants. I love having a little compression help on my longer runs and SKINS hit the nail on the head with these tights making them safe for your muscles as well as safe for you to be seen in any light – the 360-degree reflectivity in these pants has been helped me run wild all day and all night! Gear is just the beginning of making running safe and accessible for everyone. Keep spreading the word and #keeprunningwild, y’all!


Because I live in a busy city and like to hit the pavement in the wee hours of the morning, I wear a lot of bright workout gear to make sure the cars can see me coming! However, this isn’t just limited to my tops and shorts. My accessories standout too! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love our pink AfterShokz headphones, whose top-notch sound quality doesn’t compromise on SAFETY. These hands-free headphones stay put and allow you to hear your surroundings – no matter where your run takes you.


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by WearSafe,  Who Am I IDSKINS , Volume Maker, and Aftershokz. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!

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Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Current obsession, Fit tip of the day, Fitness, Team


  1. Amy

    Happy Global Running Day! We’re heading to our local Gazelle to run their scavenger hunt. I’m looking forward to a fun run with friends!

  2. Jamie King
    Jamie King

    Got out on the trails this morning with friends, it was PERFECT! Happy #globalrunningday and #RunSafe, ya’ll!

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