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If you think you don’t have time to do a strength training for runners workout, I can show you a few quick and effective resistance band exercises to do before you run in order to warm up, build strength, and activate your glute muscles, all which can help prevent injuries.

Show Up & Own It – Your First Lagree Fitness™ Workout

Are you ready for your first Lagree Fitness Workout? Here is what you can expect and what you should know before showing up for your first workout. Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, a weight loss goal or just wanting to change up your workout routine – getting started with a new workout fitness routine can be nerve wracking and downright intimidating.

How to Tell if You’re in a Bad Relationship with your Running GPS Watch

Just like any bad relationship, Sometimes your GPS watch doesn’t tell the whole truth. If you become too attached the data the GPS displays it could be a sign you are in an unhealthy relationship. The technology has gotten better over the years, but you can’t depend on your GPS to be 100% honest all the time.

Waddling to the finish line – 35 weeks pregnant – Jamie King Fit

This morning I woke up with a start and thought to myself, “WRONG ADDRESS.” My mind was somehow buzzing about the remaining thank you cards I need to finish writing and sending, and in that early morning moment of haze I thought one of them had gone to an incorrect address.

The Adventures of the Zombie Running Princess

Skirt Sports challenged their ambassador to share their “why” when it comes to running. Why is it we do what we do? Why do we run? It has been making me think a lot lately, because there are so many reasons why I run and those reasons have changed a lot in the past several years.

Must Have Spring Running Finds for the Fitness Fashionista

Last weekend we sent the clocks forward. In Vancouver the flowers are in bloom and every other day we’re blessed with sunshine and mild weather. On Saturday I laced up and set out for my first run of the season. The sun shining, the ski blue, the birds chirping, the air mild and fresh.

Back at Expo West! 2018 Recap (Days 1 + 2) * Erica Finds…

I had the opportunity to head out to Expo West again this year and it did not disappoint. I came on a media pass again and helped out my friends at Simple Squares, too. That was a great mix! Becca joined me for her first Expo and we found a great rhythm.

FabFitFun 5th Anniversary. What’s inside the Spring Box?

What is FabFitFun? It’s a box of goodies is created to feed your soul seasonally and allows you to indulge in fashion finds, glam beauty secrets, and fabulous fitness gear.

8 Reasons To Add A Little Champagne To Your Diet

8 Reasons To Add A Little Champagne To Your Diet. Cheers! Until recently, champagne was typically consumed by the rich and famous or served on very special occasions, like on New Years Eve or at weddings. But consumption of all types of sparkling wines are on the rise over the

You know Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a sweet treat💖🍩❤️🍪🍫💕…but it’s no reason to have a sugar crash; whip up this creamy healthy dessert in minutes! #noregrets. 😍 💕 This recipe is SO fast, and will firm up in about in hour. Best of all, it’s thick and creamy and super filling, so very hard to over-indulge (whew!) Also, it tastes extra good after killing it in a sweat sesh (or any other v-day plans you have…) search Paleo Superfood Fudge on my blog. enjoy! #soyummy #plantbased #superfood #decadent #valentinesday #healthydessert #easydessert #raw #veganfood #veganrecipes #veganfoodshare #fitfoods #superfood #organic #eatclean #treatyoself #valentinesdessert #paleo #paleodessert #paleodiet

58 Likes, 4 Comments – Maiah Miller (@runninggirlhealth) on Instagram: “You know Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a sweet treat💖🍩❤️🍪🍫💕…but it’s no reason to have a…”