Meet the Sweat Pink Ragnar Team: Jenny

The Los Coyotes Ragnar Relay Trail race is just around the corner, and we’ve put together a Sweat Pink team of inspiring community members to run it!

In preparation for the big day, we’re sitting down with each member of the team to get the 411: How they got into running, what their favorite all-time trail is, even asking them to share an embarrassing running moment.

First up is our team captain: Jenny of @runnylegs!

How did you fall in love with trail running?

After I moved from Florida to Arizona and found real trails! I really got into trail running when I met my husband Sean and we started visiting amazing places.

[Side Note: Jenny’s husband, Sean, is part of the Sweat Pink Ragnar team. How cool is that?! You can catch his interview on the blog soon!]

What’s your favorite trail you’ve run?

Tahoe Rim Trail, the trails on the way to Garibaldi Lake near Vancouver, Panorama Trail at Yosemite. There’s so many, I can’t pick one!

What are your race day preparation rituals?

I lay everything out the night before along with extra clothes for post-race and do a #flatjenny post for most races. I like to have a decent-sized dinner relatively early. Race morning, I get dressed immediately, fill my bottles or hydration pack with water, make some oatmeal and get moving.

How do you stay motivated to keep running?

Getting to go to beautiful places to run is a huge motivator for running!

How do you recover after a long run?

I take a hot bath with Savasana Epsom salts and eat food, lots of yummy food.
Check out Jenny’s foodie Instagram account @RunnyLegsEats to see what she’s eating before and after races!

What’s one of your “best” or funniest running fail moments?

I had to think about that for a minute, but I ran the 2015 Rome marathon, as in Rome, Italy. I went by myself and had a horrible race; it rained, I had breathing issues, and just overall it was not an easy race. Things started to pick up, running through Piazza Navona, seeing the 40k sign, and then the 26-mile sign. I was literally making the last turn towards the Colleseum and the finish line when I saw a puddle (we were running on cobblestones). I tried to swerve but instead down I went. My feet literally fell out from under me & I landed in the puddle my butt. I thought I might have broken my hand (thank goodness I didn’t) but a guy helped me up and I joke even now that if he hadn’t helped me, I would still be sitting in one of the busiest intersections in Rome on that cobblestone street! That’s the one and only time I’ve finished a race crying.

Want to learn more about Jenny, see the beautiful places she runs, and get inspired to get out there on the road and trails?! Follow along on Jenny’s run adventures: @runnylegs!

Want to run Los Coyotes with us? Use the code RAGNARSWEATPINK for $80 off a standard 8-person team and $40 off an ultra 4-person team when you register HERE


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Ragnar Relay. All opinions expressed are our own. We truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 


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Recommended1 recommendationPublished in Fitness


  1. Nicci Randall
    Nicci Randall

    Gah, Jenny is so inspiring! She definitely has me adding to my list of destinations. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the Sweat Pink Ragnar team! Woot!

  2. Sandra D Laflamme

    Yay! Jenny! I am so excited to be a part of this team with you!!! And oh, those donuts. I would definitely eat those as recovery food! LOL

    1. Nicci Randall
      Nicci Randall

      Right?! Can’t go wrong with this kind of recovery food! HA! I can’t wait to watch y’all rock this Ragnar together!!

  3. Jamie King

    I am SO excited to run with you this fall, we’re going to have a blast out there! You’re so inspiring, Jenny!

  4. Smitha @ Running with SD

    That is a kick ass team and team captain!

  5. Debbie

    All these photos are so beautiful! It makes me want to travel the world just to run on the trails. I can’t wait to run with you!

    1. Nicci Randall
      Nicci Randall

      Right?! She totally has me adding trails to my bucket list! I’m so excited to watch you all rock the Ragnar Relay in November! What a superstar team!

  6. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson Post author

    Jenny, you are so amazing! I’d love to trail run on some of these AMAZING trails with you someday!

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