Meet the BlogFest Rainmakers: Jamie King Edition

Here’s our second installment of the BlogFest Rainmakers Interview series, this time with the one and only Jamie King, co-founder of both FitApproach and SweatGuru and passionate Sweat Pink’er!

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How is BlogFest different than other blogging conventions?

We wanted BlogFest to be a very unique and worthwhile experience for bloggers. The conference was created to give bloggers access to a varied combination of blogging, social media education and networking opportunities, as well as the best workouts paired with the latest health and fitness education.

Attendees will get a little bit of everything (and more!) at BlogFest.

What’s your favorite new feature of this year’s BlogFest?

I’m super excited for this year’s Lightning Round. This year presenters are focusing on teaching attendees a new skill or trick of the trade. It’s going to be a Lightning Round of learning from some of my favorite #sweatpink bloggers!

What are some of the highlights — tips & tricks — that bloggers can expect and how should attendees prep for all the fun in advance?

Oh gosh, the biggest highlight for me is reconnecting with all of my amazing Sweat Pink blogger friends and of course making new blogger friends. Beyond that, I’m pretty darn pumped about Gabby Reece’s keynote….I have a feeling we’re all going to be lady crushing pretty hard (I guess I already am!).

As far as tips go, bring comfortable shoes and plenty of changes of clothes. A pro tip is to also pack some wipes for in-between workouts (ShowerPill wipes are my fave!) and a few snacks (nut butter packets from Wild Friends and fruit are always my go-to!). And make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the conference…there’s going to be so much sweatworking, you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrating (pro tip: bring a sports drink like SOS Rehydrate!).

How can attendees prep to ensure they make the most of this awesome networking opportunity?

Start following the BlogFest Instagram account (@blogfest) and be sure to jump on and follow other attendees on Twitter / Instagram so you can be ready to rock and roll when you get there. It’s time to get busy and NETWORK y’all!

Who are you excited to meet?

Gahhh, can I just go ahead and say, Gabrielle Reece? While I might not actually get to give her a big bear hug or anything like that (too much??), I’m excited to be within inches of her…maybe some of her athletic prowess and goddessness will rub off on me… 😉

What specific opportunities will there be for attendees to network with other bloggers?

We’ll have networking activities, games and the BlogFest buddy system to keep us networking all day, all night and all weekend long. The networking (and sweatworking!) is absolutely endless at BlogFest.

Which workout sessions are you the most excited for?

Because I’m a total Zumba wanna-be, I’m super excited for FitSteps Dance Yourself Fit session…I just hope there aren’t any mirrors in the room. I’m also equally excited for Kaia Konditioning & Core Session. Basically, they had me at core…

* * *

BlogFest is coming up quickly everyone — only 2 weeks left! — so be sure to keep up with Jamie and her BlogFest fun by following her on Twitter (@jamie_fitapproach) and Instagram (@littlekingfit).

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