Meet the Sweat Pink Ragnar Team: Jared

Last week we introduced you to our team captain, Jenny, and this week we’re sitting down with Jared from @jaredsblank!
Jared is a runner who knows how to go the distance – he not only ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in just 7 days, he also just completed his first 100 miler – so it’s no wonder why Jared is always looking for gear and products that help him go the distance.
When sharing small spaces with runners, whether it’s on an airplane heading around the world in 7 days or a Ragnar Relay, the last thing a runner wants to do is stink it up with smelly gear! That’s why we’re so excited to be bringing WIN Detergent along for Ragnar Los Coyotes. Jared and his team will all be gifted with WIN Detergent so their gear can last at smelling fresh as long as their legs can last running.
Pro tip: WIN also removes oils from fabrics, helping performance! Don’t you want to be a WINner? Try WIN Detergent out on your own sweaty, stinky clothes! 

Jared’s first marathon of the World Marathon Challenge was in Antartica!

When and how did you fall in love with trail running?

From the moment my feet hit the trails. 

What’s your favorite trail you’ve run?

Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back – Leg 27 it travels uphill along the Rail Trail between I-80 to Park City. It is about 9.0 Miles.

What are your race day preparation rituals?

My race day ritual is really to remind myself how grateful I am that I get to race.

How do you stay motivated to keep running?

Running is such a part of me, to stay motivated I really work to be aware of my body and take care of it, so I can continue to run.

How do you recover after a long run?

Soaking, yoga and foam rolling. 

What’s one of your “best” or funniest running fail moments?

I run with this yoga studio and one time another runner and I got off course a few miles and needed to Uber back to the meeting point because we really had no clue of the direction.

[Note: That other runner was Jamie! 😉 ]

Follow along for each and every mile of this incredibly inspiring runner!

You’re looking at the 2018 World Marathon Challenge #10 overall finisher for the men’s group 😳! I feel beyond fortunate for the opportunity to participate in this race and for all of the amazing people that have come into my life throughout this process. . . I ran this race to raise awareness about #Dyslexia. Before this race, I would have said that I was “challenged” with Dyslexia; now, I say that because I have Dyslexia I was prepared to compete AND complete this race. All the years of struggle, finding work-arounds, and adapting taught me how to be RESILIENT. Dyslexia is my super-power. 💪🏼 . . It would mean the world to me if you’re willing and able to support #JaredsQuest by making a donation to the International Dyslexia Association via (link in bio) #UntilEveryoneCanRead

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Ragnar Relay. All opinions expressed are our own. We truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

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Recommended1 recommendationPublished in Fitness


  1. Nicci Randall

    YESSS Jared! What an incredible team! Can’t wait to see y’all rock this race!

  2. Liz Wilson
    Liz Wilson Post author

    Can’t wait to follow along on this amazing journey with all of these amazing runner!

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