Meet the Sweat Pink Ragnar Team: Sean

Meet Sean, an ultimate ultra runner. Sean just finished the Tahoe 200 Mile Endurance Run, is currently on day 2,846 of a run streak, and runs on some of the most beautiful trails ever

Oh, and recognize that lil cutie Sean’s kissing on? That’s right, Sean is married to Jenny from @runnylegs! Talk about a dynamic duo that goes the distance! 


And we’re so excited that he’s part of our Ragnar Sweat Pink team for Los Coyotes this fall! Let’s find out a little more behind-the-scenes of Sean’s running history! 

When and how did you fall in love with trail running?

Leona Divide 2013, my first 50 miler… battled 100+ degree temps on a beautiful, challenging course… I survived through tough conditions and felt alive. I was hooked from there to see what else I could do.

What’s your favorite trail you’ve run?

UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 170k

What are your race day preparation rituals?

Depends on the race and distance. I prepare last-minute in most cases if the race is less than 50 miles. Otherwise, I enjoy a pre-race vegan pizza and try to get a good night’s sleep which is always tough before a race. For trail races, I always fold my bib into a small square and like to pin it to my shorts leg.

How do you stay motivated to keep running?

I run every day (and have so for nearly 8 years this December). It’s like breathing to me. I stay motivated by challenging myself and setting goals like longer distances and faster times. Combining adventure, travel, running, and the quest for a delicious meal serve as great motivation.

How do you recover after a long run?

ProCompression socks for starters, especially after a longer event of a hundred miles or more. I use the HyperIce HyperVolt massager on the legs and soak with Savasana Epsom Salts. I run easy miles (every day) for at least 3-5 days after a long race and focus on circulation, form, and sleep. I eat healthy, plant-based, meals, and proportional to the effort of the long run/race.

What’s one of your “best” or funniest running fail moments?

Well, in hindsight, watching myself sleeprunning at Tahoe 200 through the end of the third night (without any sleep) was pretty hilarious, an epic fail. I should have slept before leaving the mile 181 aid station, but ended up forging ahead, battled sleepiness, and could barely walk the trail before finally re-awakening after sunrise. What should have been 2-3 mph jog at worst was a mph aimless shuffle.

Follow Sean at @ultrarunnersd – you’ll get some serious inspiration for your running bucket list! 

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Ragnar Relay. All opinions expressed are our own. We truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

Recommended1 recommendationPublished in Fitness, race

Recommended1 recommendationPublished in Fitness, race


  1. Jamie King
    Jamie King

    I am so EXCITED to finally meet you, Sean! You’re so inspiring (as is your lovely wife!)

  2. Debbie

    Wow! I am in awe of my teammate and can’t wait to meet him! Love that Tahoe photo! Well, all of the photos are amazing. And excited to have another plant-based runner on board!

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