Monday’s coffee just got a whole lot stronger.

Happy Sunday funday to all you sweaties! I’ve got to tell you, I’m a little more excited than usual for Monday. On Sundays, I usually make a list of my major todos for the week and create a game plan to #GSD. Is it just me or does anyone else geek out about getting organized for the week?

I’m feeling extra pumped this Sunday because I’ll be replacing some of my Monday coffee (definitely not all of it- I mean, who do you think I am?) with HIIT & Flow and let me tell you, this stuff is STRONG.

On Monday, the #FFYHIITYoga June Instagram Challenge officially begins and today we’re giving you a sneak peak into how we’ll be getting right down to the sweaty stuff. Your muscles are going to burn and shake, your heart will pump like woah, and the sweat is going to drip!

Everyday we’ll sweat, stay motivated, drink smoothies, and transform our training routines together. On Friday, we’ll meet on @fitapproach Instagram Live to rock out the weekly sequence together. Stay sweaty this week (and month), and post all the pics and tag #ffyhiityoga #sweatpink @hiit.and.flow @fitapproach for a chance to win prizes and be featured in our weekly community spotlight.

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#FFYHIITYoga June Challenge: Week 1

Tomorrow we’ll release the video sequence for week one of the challenge and we can’t wait for y’all to get sweaty along with us! We love to balance out our HIIT & Flow workouts, so we suggest you do this sequence 3 times this week (for example: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) to feel the effects of the workout while you get some other training and recovery into your sweaty routine.

Here’s the breakdown of the HIIT & Flow moves we’re doing this week – take a look, try a few out, and let’s get ready to get sweaty!

When you start rocking this week’s sequence, remember this workout is meant to be super challenging. Do what you can, take breaks and drink water when you need to, and make sure you get back on the gliders. Take 20 minutes of your life to rock this sequence –  you’ll be feeling stronger and empowered right away.

Have you met our sweaty hosts?

We’ve got some awesome sweaties leading the challenge with us and they can’t wait to work and sweat hard with y’all this whole month. They inspire us to get sweaty on a regular basis, and this month they’re ready to HIIT it up with all of y’all. Make sure to follow their sweaty adventures:

We’re in this together y’all – come HIIT it with us!

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Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness


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