My “aha moment”

I can't say that I have just one moment. I started this journey is 2010 when I saw a sign for a bootcamp that was going to be offered right down the road from where I lived. My husband and I had just moved in with my parents after having both lost our jobs the previous year. In that time that I was off work I didn't do much of anything but eat. I hadn't been on a scale in I can't remember how long and I guess I was just avoiding mirrors and trying to make myself believe that I was okay with how I looked. Growing up I always thought I was fat (I wasn't), so as an adult I was just seeing in the mirror (when I looked) what I always thought I was when I was younger. I enjoyed eating big meals like my husband, but I never felt good afterwards. I was taking multiple pills a day to control the heartburn that I had ALL of the time. When I saw the sign for the bootcamp I thought that it sounded like fun and I had no excuses since it was going to be so close to home. Before my first bootcamp I finally got on the scale and was shocked to see that I weighed 279 pounds! I started bootcamp two days a week, but didn't see any difference in my weight because I didn't change my diet much. I did this first bootcamp the whole summer of 2010. I started school that fall, doing my pre-reqs to get into nursing school, still close to that same weight and I didn't do much about it until the next summer when the bootcamp was offered again. I joined up once again and changed the way I was eating and lost about 20 pounds. I started feeling better and realizing that I could do this and finally stick to it. Once again I did bootcamp for the entire summer, and that fall (2011) I started nursing school. I heard a lot of talk about the stress of school causing people to gain weight and I did not want that to happen to me, so that first semester I tried to watch what I ate, but didn't really incorporate exercise into it right away. In February of 2012 I saw an add for a local health club that was offering membership for twenty dollars a month and I decided that's what I needed. I joined up and I've been going steady ever since. I love taking classes, especially Zumba, and it works well for me to go there after class because it's on my way home. I've also started the couch to 5K, and I'm loving it so far! Since then one of my big goals was to get back into the 100's, and finally this weekend I saw 198 on the scale! So that's a total of 81 pounds lost since summer of 2010, and according to my Dr. I've lost 60 of it since last summer. I didn't realize how much I'd changed until I saw this comparison, and it feels good to no longer be that girl on the right!


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