My “Aha” Moment-BBBHealthy

by Brittany Reed


In high school, I was always at the gym lifting the pretty 3 lb weights, texting, and doing 45 minutes of cardio trying to achieve that skinny "I just really want to get toned" look.  I ate about half of the calories that I needed to, and most of that consisted of frosting.  It wasn't a very healthy lifestyle, but my hips hadn't hit me yet so I didn't really take notice.  When I got to college, the freshmen 15 hit me pretty hard.  I was pretty insecure for awhile until I discovered running.  I had never been a runner,  so I started by doing intervals on the treadmill.  I would run during the chorus of "Home is Whenever I'm With You", and walk during the verse (that song still pumps me up!).  I dropped the extra weight pretty quickly after that, but I still wasn't where I had hoped to be.

A few months later, I was stalking people on Facebook (as usual) and came across a friend of a friend who had just competed in a bikini competition.  I'll admit, I was kind of freaked out by the shredded and super tan look.  I remember saying to my friends that I would NEVER want to look like that, it's just "too muscle-y".  The next day, I re-stalked and saw a picture of her in a cute top and jeans.  I could not believe it was the same person! She looked healthy and fit, but still womanly with curves.  So basically, she looked HOT and exactly what I had been working towards.  I decided right then and there that I wanted to someday compete in a bikini competition, and I haven't looked back!  That "friend of a friend" who inspired me to first begin my fitness journey is now my trainer, and she continues to inspire me every day.  I hope that I can someday do that for others.

I started off by trying to research everything I could about building muscle and losing fat.  The amount of information that you can turn up by googling "bodybuilding" is insane, so I went with the most obvious:  They have this awesome "Find a Plan" application and I began Jamie Eason's 12 week Live Fit Program.  LIFE CHANGER.  Jamie is also now my idol, but that's another story.  From the various programs that I have completed since March 2012, I have learned so much about clean eating, weightlifting, and living a healthy lifestyle.  It's been months, but I still feel like I get that "aha" moment every time I leave the gym or avoid a tempting treat.  I've chosen this as a lifestyle which means that the trials never stop, but that also means that the rewards never stop!


November 2010              May 2012 (after running SF's Bay to Breakers!)



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