Never run alone again

While I love to run with friends, I also really love to run alone. There's nothing quite like running when it comes to clearing the cobwebs from my mind, or coming up with genius ideas. I love the times when I'm able to turn my brain off and focus solely on the miles and the times when I use the run to solve a problem or brainstorm around a new idea.

Of course, whether you find yourself to be totally tuned into your body and breath or tuned in to your own thoughts, when you run alone its also important to tune into your surroundings.

And since June is National Safety Month, there's really no better tine to talk about running safety - and how you can make all of your solo running adventures a little safer. Plus, we're offering two lucky readers the chance to win our favorite running safety gear!

Here are my five safety tips for solo runners.

Bring your phone.

Running is a great way to disconnect from our chaotic lives which may make it seem counterintuitive to carry a phone. Why on earth would you want to stay connected while you're trying to disconnect? The answer is simple: it's safer. Carrying your phone will allow you to get help in an emergency, alert someone if you're hurt or if you're like me, get directions for when you get lost. I carry mine in my Nathan hand held water bottle and forget it's even there—until and unless I'm lost, of course.

Nathan Sports

Skip the earbuds.

I love listening to podcasts while I run (especially 2 Dope Queens and Death, Sex, & Money), but I also know how important it is to stay aware of my surroundings.

That's why I love AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones - their bone conduction technology provides top-quality sound without getting in the way of hearing your surroundings (cars, bikers, people, etc) -  meaning that I can stay alert and jam out to my favorite tunes or laugh along with one of my fave podcasts. 

Keep friends and family close by.

When I run alone, I always carry my Wearsafe Tag. It's more accessible than my phone and allows me to get help with the press of a button. If you're unfamiliar with the Wearsafe Tag, it's a small, discreet waterproof device that you can attach to your clothing and with the press of a button, Wearsafe’s Bluetooth-paired app sends an alert to your most trusted friends and family.


It not only provides me with an easier way to call for help, it also gives my loved ones peace of mind when I'm out running alone.

Don't forget your ID!

If there's one thing I've learned as an adult, it's that you should always carry your ID with you. In case of an emergency, it’s important to carry identification that can help 911 emergency services better assist you.

Who Am I ID designs easy-to-use bands and bracelets that contain vital information for you to wear when you run. Plus, it is the only 2 in 1 product on the market that will provide you a great visibility and contains ALL your info : name, age, blood type, allergies, emergency contacts, medical info and more ... ( on a waterproof polymer strip ).

Want to try Who Am I ID products ( Use the code whoami in the promo code section at checkout for 20% off! 

Who Am I ID

Tell a friend!

If you're going to run alone, tell someone where you're going, when you're leaving, and how long you anticipate being gone.

Running alone can be an awesome experience - don't fear it - instead just make sure you're taking precautions before you head out so you can run safe!

If you want to run a little safer, you're in luck, Wearsafe is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Wearsafe Tag with a lifetime subscription for themselves and their running buddy and another lucky reader will win a Wearsafe Tag with a year subscription for themselves and for their running buddy!

Enter the giveaway!

Wearsafe Giveaway

Jamie King

Jamie King

Lifelong athlete, Jamie King loves helping others embrace their inner athlete and find joy in movement, sweat and community. As an avid yogi, competitive ultra runner, snowboarder and former tennis player, Jamie is no stranger to a good sweat session or tough workout. She believes in challenging herself and others to be the best they can be and building people up through community, movement, laughter and friendship. Jamie developed the Flex & Flow HIIT Yoga workout to provide people with an efficient and fun way to get heart rates up, blood pumping and energy flowing. She is also the founder of the Fit Approach community, a popular online fitness community where bloggers, brands and fitness enthusiasts come together over their love for sweat and their #sweatpink lifestyle and the CEO and founder of SweatGuru, an online platform that helps people find and book the best fitness classes in their area and helps fitness professionals seamlessly manage and grow their business and the owner of Flex & Flow, a fitness and yoga studio in Portland, OR where she resides. When she’s not dripping with sweat, you can usually find her snuggling or playing ball with Abbie, her vizsla puppy or exploring all of the great restaurants, and beautiful outdoors in the PNW.


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