The only packing list you need this summer

As you may have heard, fitcations are the new vacation, and this is a trend we couldn’t be more on board with.

It’s all too often you hear a coworker (or yourself!) say, “vacation was fun, but I’m exhausted—I need a vacation from my vacation!”

We love that fitcations help you come home invigorated and reenergized instead of burned out and hungover, and that the whole point of a fitcation is basically to wear athleisure the entire time. Because who wants to wear makeup or do their hair on vacation??

To help you rock out your next fitcation, we’ve put together a comprehensive packing list that will help you make the most of your time away.

All the athleisure

It should go without saying that you’re going to need a few outfit changes if you’re planning to sweat all day long for several days in a row.

For our retreats, we recommend 2-3 outfits per day, because we’ll be sweating at least that many times in a given day.

This summer, our team is rocking matching outfits from prAna at our events. How pretty are these patterned pants we’ll be twinning in? 🙂

And of course, plenty of pink tops!

Super supportive bras


sweat pink empower retreat

Here we are twinning again, in Handful bras!

Sports bras are a really big deal, so they deserve their own category. Along with those fresh outfits, you’ll definitely want to swap out bras after you get sweaty—there’s nothing more uncomfortable than a wet sports bra! Make sure your sports bra hasn’t expired, too.

Sun protection


Sunscreen, hats, lip balm with SPF. You need it all for any kind of outdoor retreat, and you need the gear that will stand up to intense activities.

psst: Discounts on our favorite SPF for the sweat life: 15% off FRÉ Skincare with SUMMERSWEAT, and 10% off Sweat Cosmetics with SWEATPINK.

A trusty water bottle


You know, the kind that doesn’t leak, ideally is insulated, and that you can trust to survive getting a little banged up when you inevitably toss it across the fitness studio or drop it on the trail. A hand bottle or hydration pack if you’ll be doing lots of running.

Headphones that let you be social… or not


The great thing about fitcations is you’re likely to have roommates and plenty of like-minded people to meet and socialize with. That said, you may find yourself wanting a little solo downtime where you can zone out (introverts, you know you’ll need this). We love our wireless, open ear headphones for both purposes: listening to podcasts or music without disturbing your roommates, and being able to listen to music while still socializing and participating in your surroundings.

That way you can carry on a conversation during a run, and seamlessly drop back into a solo mile or two if you want to, without ever having to adjust ear buds or wires.



Chances are there’ll be delicious, healthy options at your event of choice. We always like to pack some backup snacks, though, to help ward off the hangry that inevitably follows tons of exercise. Our favorites to pack are protein balls, bars (RXBAR and Thunderbird are current favorites!), and of course protein powder (especially Amazing Grass and Designer Protein, woot!).

A great all-purpose tote


Whether you’re at fit conference or a yoga retreat, chances are you’ll collect quite a bit of swag to bring home with you, and that you’ll want an all-purpose bag to tote around with your changes of clothes, your water bottle, etc. This is not the occasion for your designer handbag; you want something that you won’t care if it gets dirty or wet or sunscreen-smeared.

We can’t wait to see you this summer… in Las Vegas, in the SF Bay Area, and in Vancouver. And please – tell us what we missed on this list!

Join us for yoga & running (all levels welcome!) in the SF Bay Area in August or in Vancouver in September. 

 Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Beauty, Conference Survival Guide, Conferences, Fitness

Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Beauty, Conference Survival Guide, Conferences, Fitness


  1. Becky

    Yes, yes, yes! All of these things are necessary! Can’t wait to pack up my suitcase and head to Vegas for BlogFest 2017! Woot!

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