Packing for Ragnar: Part 4

We’re running Ragnar Los Coyotes this fall, and couldn’t be more excited to have a Sweat Pink team!

Shout out to JennySandraKristinaJaredJamieSeanDebbie, and Michael!

With our November race right around the corner and our training in full swing, there remains one big question….

What to pack?!

Whether you’re new to Ragnar Relays or a veteran, we’re here to help you figure out the best gear, clothes, and packing strategies for a successful race weekend.

If you’re running a relay, there are a few items that you absolutely have to have. Make sure these are all on your packing list for Los Coyotes (or check with your team captain to make sure someone is bringing extra!).

And finally, for part four of our Ragnar Relay packing list, we’re talking about recovery. We’ve got the tools and tips you need for easy, healthy recovery so that you can get back out on those trails ASAP.

If you’ve run a Ragnar Relay before, chances are you’ve probably gone into the last leg of the relay wondering how your body is going to move. You’ve probably experienced the runner shuffle – the barely picking up your feet running stride that plagues most distance and relay runners.

During a relay, muscle stiffness and soreness is inevitable – that’s just the reality of very little sleep and lots of running – but if you’re smart about it, you can make your recovery a little easier by bringing the right tools (and of course by staying on top of your hydration and fueling).

  • Myobuddy Massager: Have you ever dreamed of bringing a professional masseuse to your next race? That level of self-care doesn’t have to just be a pipe dream. With Myobuddy Massager Pro (the best at-home, professional grade massage and recovery tool) you can bring a quality massage to your next Ragnar Relay adventure.
Photo: @fit.fab.forever
  • Compression socks: If you need a sure fire way to get your legs in working order again, try adding compression socks to your post run arsenal. Compression socks will help you fight muscle fatigue, soreness, and reduce any swelling or inflammation in your legs. Plus, Ragnar Sweat Pink Team runner Jared says that if you opt for this knee high version from Tabio, you get all the benefits of compression plus an extra layer of warmth for hanging out between night legs.
Photo: @jaredsblank
  • Roll it out: While rolling might be the thing that you love to hate, it’s oh-so necessary for muscle recovery. We love rolling out sore and tired muscles with TriggerPoint foam rollers between runs and using their handy massage balls for those stubborn and tight areas of the body.
  • Got stink? (Yes.) Runners stink. And runners’ clothes stink even more. While you might only be thinking of how to recover your tired, sore body, we suggest you also think about how to recover all of those stinky, tired clothes that worked so hard for you all weekend long. To keep your threads fresh and clean, try WIN Detergent – it’s a specialized sports detergent that actually gets that runner’s stink out of your favorite running clothes.
Want to try WIN out? Get 30% off when you use the code WINSWPNK at checkout.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Ragnar. All opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

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Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, race

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