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I got to the “office” (our fave downtown coffee shop) super early this morning and since I worked most of the weekend and had such a nice head start on my week, I decided to spend the first hour or so planning part of my 2013 race calendar. I have NEVER been this organized ever. In fact, I typically sign up for races because someone sends me a link or it’s a super last minute decision after seeing an email saying something like, “there’s still time!”

I think my race organization is partially due to the fact that if I don’t have things scheduled these days, they just won’t happen. Life of a busy entrepreneur, I suppose? I have to admit, even with all my aversion to being overly organized when it comes to my own life, it’s kind of nice to open my calendar and see races on it. I’m trying really hard to reboot my workouts, my running, and my yoga and having some solid plans seems to be exactly what I’ve needed to set everything in motion.

I’m not announcing my complete 2013 race calendar just yet but let’s just say that there is another 100 Miler on my horizon (maybe even two), a couple 50 milers, a 100K, a fun Dirty Girl Mud Run (SweatPink team representin’) and even a half marathon. The last one terrifies me just a little. I can’t remember the last time I ran a half mary and I pretty much avoid anything under marathon distance.Β Crap, I’ll have to run a little faster.Β 

The other thing that is really making me happy and is obvs totally on theme with how I’m starting off my year…is this amazing new challenge, The Running Reboot Challenge. Ya’ll should join so we can inspire each other to stick to our 2013 running goals. Plus, there’s a chance you could win fun prizes from Splits59 (and what could be better than that?).

What’s on everyone else’s 2013 race calendar? How will ya’ll challenge yourselves this year?