Ragnar Packing List: Part 2

We’re running Ragnar Los Coyotes this fall, and couldn’t be more excited to have a Sweat Pink team!

Shout out to JennySandraKristinaJaredJamieSeanDebbie, and Michael!

With our November race right around the corner and our training in full swing, there remains one big question….

What to pack?!

Whether you’re new to Ragnar Relays or a veteran, we’re here to help you figure out the best gear, clothes, and packing strategies for a successful race weekend.

If you’re running a relay, there are a few items that you absolutely have to have. Make sure these are all on your packing list for Los Coyotes (or check with your team captain to make sure someone is bringing extra!).

Welcome to part two of our Ragnar Relay packing list – today we’re giving you the low-down on camp gear. Check out our recommendations for what to pack for a successful weekend of running, camping, and sharing an unforgettable experience with a bunch of sweaty humans.

Running a relay is only half the battle; you also have to be ready to camp and hang out with your teammates for 24+ hours. If you’re wondering what to pack to survive a long (and oh so fun!) day and night of Ragnar Relay’ing, here is some of our favorite run camp gear!

The team that stays organized runs better together

In a relay, we truly can’t think of anything worse than having your runner come in to the exchange and the next runner isn’t ready to go. But it happens…all the time. To prevent any relay mishaps, encourage your team to get organized! Organized runners and an organized campsite can make all the difference.

Ragnar Sweat Pink Team runner, Jared recommends bringing freezer-size Zip-lock bags so that you can pre-pack your run outfits for each leg and store your smelly run clothes afterwards (your campmates will thank you!).

Clean as you go.

Camping with your runner friends also means staying mindful of your space. To keep your head in the game between legs, we suggest a clean-as-you-go method for camping. Not using your headlamp or eating that snack anymore? Pack it away where you can find it later. Avoid cluttering your space and everyone else’s because messes and missing gear are the last things you’ll want to worry about during a relay.

Don’t be the smelly runner.

Jared also recommends putting a dryer sheet into each Zip-lock bag with your used clothes to minimize the smell.For optimal freshness, Jamie recommends washing all of your race apparel in WIN Detergent before the big race and after as it’s the best line of defense over the lingering sweat smells! Lucky for you, we have a discount to help you stay stink free (use WINSWPNK at checkout on Amazon for 30% off WIN Detergent products).

And to keep your body (ahem, all those harder to reach places) smelling a little fresher, we recommend keeping wipes handy. They’ll help you feel refreshed, but also helps keep #camplife a little more pleasant for everyone. We love GoodWipes – they smell great and don’t leave behind any gross residue –  but baby wipes will also work.

Sleeping bag and blanket:

You’ll definitely want to bring a warm sleeping bag so that you can catch a little sleep when you’re not running, but we also recommend packing a warm blanket that you can throw over yourself while you’re out cheering on fellow runners, or hanging around the campsite outside of your tent. Our favorite no fuss camping blanket is definitely the Rumpl – it’s easy to transport, easy to clean, and oh so warm!

Portable chargers and batteries:

There’s nothing worse than having gear you can’t use! Don’t forget to pack portable chargers for your cell phone and other devices, and extra batteries for your headlamp or handheld flashlights.

Comfy shoes for non-running

When you’re not running, you’ll want to take a load off! Pack a pair of comfy shoes that you can wear in between runs and give those hard-working soles a break.

Keep your eyes out for the rest of the Ragnar packing series!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Ragnar. All opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

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Recommend0 recommendationsPublished in Fitness, race


  1. Nicci Randall
    Nicci Randall

    Haha, the stink is real! Great list – makes me want to go camping right now! Can’t wait to follow along with the Sweat Pink Ragnar Team’s adventures next month!

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